**Thoughts Of Taris** #57

Hey guys, 

I’ve decided to do something a little different with my Channel today. I’ve decided to create a video with lyrics. I usually do videos with me speaking my poetry but, that’s about to change. Sometimes we have to make a change in our lives that will help us become better. By that meaning, we have to get to know ourselves. We have to learn how to get along with our “Inner-self” and we have to strive to do better. If you want to do something, you have to fight real hard for it. You have to want it more than anything. You have to loose your sleep for it. By that meaning, you can not get your actual 8 hours of sleep in. Like, I said in one of my poems.

“8 hours are for sleepyheads, 4 hours would do the trick.”  ~God’s Poetic Child

Listen guys, 

I am so hungry for YouTube and that is why I spend so much time on my career. I have to stay so focus that no one or anything else. Everything I do comes from heart and I personally want inspire the world. I will starve myself for this. & that’s how you have to think. You have to think like a champion. You have look at life like a champion. You personally have to know that everything you do will at least inspire one person in your life. They don’t even have to be in your life. They can be out side of your life and that is what matters the most. I came here to tell you that everything you do is a reflection of your pat and future. Words are powerful and we have to share them to the world. Your word is your bond. You have to be very careful how you use them. Sometimes it’s better to listen to somebody else’s words before you even open your mouth.  In order to succeed, you have to have a colorful mind. The quietest person in the room is the most loudest. You can read their mind. *Remember That*

Here is one of my latest videos I did. Make sure you check it out and tell me what you think. 🙂 



Hey guys,

I have been gone for a very long time now.  I truly apologize for my absence.  Here is why I have been gone for so long…….



My YouTube name is “God’s Poetic Child” and I have been uploading daily. What do I upload? I upload poetry,  studio versions of my poetry as well as topics of discussions and reaction videos.  I have been paying so much attention to my YouTube Channel.  I personally forgot that I have a blog to attend.  I am actually studying other YouTubers in the midst of my daily uploads.  I watch their videos to see what I can do differently.  YouTube is so fun when you are intuned with it.  NO,  SERIOUSLY.  I have been getting better with editing skills.  I didn’t even know I had it in me guys.  🙂

The type of platform that I would like to have is an Open Forum.  The open forum will consists of people being able to discuss their problems with me and getting the advice that they need. I want people to know that it is okay to express how they feel.  This generation is so closed off that we as a group shut down our feelings a lot.  THATS NOT GOOD!


here is what I’ve been working on.




**Thoughts Of Taris** # 55

Wassup  guys and gals,

How you all feeling today?

I honestly do not know what I am going to blog about today. My thoughts are just going to go where ever they please. So, here goes nothing.

I have been watching plenty of YouTube videos. YouTube is very fun. I feel like your YouTube account kind of describes who you are. Your account actually tells who you are. It tells who you are by who you listen to,  the type of videos you watch and who you are watching. So, let me tell you how my YouTube account is set up.

When I first sign into my account, the first thing you will see is Domo & Crissy……… (In their voice lol.) Yayyyy!!! They are my favorite couple of all time. I just love their energy. I watch Domo & Crissy because they honestly make me think. They make think about the positive side of a relationship. I can go on and on about them. They just amaze me sometimes. Domo & Crissy has this vibe that I do not see to much of in public. They do not really care what others think. They are just them. This is what drags me toward their videos. I can literally post plenty of links with them in it. You will be addicted just like me. I watch for the positive vibes, the fun vibes, & the just the energy over all. Domo & Crissy love over all makes me feel loved in a weird way. Also, they just had their baby as well. Congratulations to the both of them! Sometimes you have to have patience with one another in order to make things work out. You can’t rush everything the minute you feel they need to be rushed. I tried to take my time with things. It is just like every one is different.  Domo & Crissy makes me have this idea of what I been doing wrong in my past relationships and why they have not been fixed. My past relationships has not been fixed because their was no fun involved. They finally made a new post lol, I been wondering where they have been…..

So here are a couple links on who these two amazing people are. Have fun watching……… If you all want to comment on their videos, tell them that I sent you there. lol. Give me a shout out or something. This is one of their newest videos. I will post two more of their awesome videos.


This next one is a very old video…..

A relationship like this makes me realize that it is still love out their. But then again, people make me think that the word “love” is still fake. I am sorry if my mood on this is about to shift….It is a reason for this…..

A couple of things that’s been happening to me,

1.) One person said I was too clingy, it messed my head up for everybody.
2.) Someone said it said seems like I don’t care
3.) Someone said when I meet people, its like I just want to get to know them just for my career boost. I am not really there to build a relationship.
4.) They use me for money, I end up broke.
5.) They lose interest in me.
6.) The one person who actually loved me, passed away. Like, bro…..

My whole mood just shifted. If it ain’t one thing it ain’t the next. I thought I wanted a girlfriend right now but, IDK. It seem like everything I do is just wrong. This is actually making me want to give up on “love”………. SERIOUSLY.!!!

What is the next person who tries to come in my life going to say ?
“You irritating”……. 😭😔               

Even though this still happens to me, Domo & Crissy makes me feel like “love” is still their. So, Thank you Domo & Crissy for making me feel like it is still their. Your newest video came right on time. Welp, that is one part of my videos that I watch……

Other videos that I watch is, Natural Hair Tutorials……. 

I love Natural Hair Videos, Natural Hair Tutorials teach me on how to do different hair styles… I watch videos on YouTube that shows me different hair products… Hair products that moisturize on my hair. It is really fun though. I love my Natural Hair……! These type  of videos teaches me on how to take care of my hair. I feel like taking care of your hair should be your main priority. (Well, one of them)……Your “Regular Hair” is everything. If you can’t wear your regular on some days, I feel something is wrong with you. I say that because the hair that you were born with is the best thing to embrace around your surroundings. If you let someone help you with certain things like how to do your hair. You are willing to learn from others and are very humble. Your hair is very important. If you care a lot about your own hair, you will then start to care about others hair. Now, that is amazing. Can I get an Amen……?

Now, lets talk about music. Music tells a lot about who you are. Music is a great coping skill.

In other videos, I talk about Young M.A….. I am a huge fan of hers. I listen to her and other “Underground Artists”….. I mainly listen to “Underground Artists” because I relate to them more. I don’t really listen to “Bigger Artists” like that. I feel that they get more attention so, they do not need it from me as much. I will post links to some of my videos from my account. You all probably won’t even know some of these artists that I name…..

Here is my list….

1.) Young M.A

2.) Domo Wilson

3.) Chance The Rapper

4.) Jacquees

5.) Tinashe

6.) Bryson Tiller

7.) J. Cole

8.) Kendrick Lamar

9.) Tink

10.) Kodak Black

11.) The OMG Girls

12.) Mindless Behavior

13.) B5

14.) Kehlani

15.) August Alsina

16.) Pnb Rock

17.) Tory Lanez

18.) Dej Loaf

20.) Jhene Aiko

21.) Iggy Azalea

22.) Elle Varner

23.) Jacob Latimore

24.) Sydney Renae


So, here is an insight on my YouTube Account……I know you all will have fun with it because I constantly go back to my “History Videos” . I just be singing along and sometimes I be thinking I can sing. I will be honest. I was supposed to finish this post a couple days ago. Took me a long time and dedication. With all the videos and everything I told you guys. Here is a question to spark up the post. I will put the question in bold letters so you won’t miss it lol.


Welp, those are my thoughts for this post. I had fun, did you? Carry On and Have A Wonderful Day!!!! Smooches!!! 🙂




**Thoughts Of Taris** #54…

Thoughts Of Taris #54……

Good afternoon everybody…….

Today is “Motivation Monday”. I feel so inspired it’s like my inspiration drive went so high. At first, it was very low but, I gained it back. The only reason why I have been feeling low is because no one really supports my work like I want them too.

I sometimes feel like I support other people work and they do not return it back. I know we should not automatically expect support to be given back to us. I feel like that “support becomes overrated after a while.” Support does goes a long way if you actually do it. If you all can support celebrities, then why can’t you support your friends or family members? That is one thing that irks my nerves. I can’t stand people like that. I actually learned a lesson yesterday. Their is a such thing as “Success Over Night But, With Help”.  

If you have enough people in your corner to support you, you got it. Some days you might feel like you are slacking. Some days you feel like that “Certain Things” will just never happen to you. You are wrong. Let me tell you why you are wrong. When you think like that, it is only a mindset that you have been having. Anything you do is a “Mindset”.   You are in control of what you think and feel on the daily basis. You are in control on how you live your life. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You have to stop having this pity part that you so called claim that you have. You are only hurting because you keep pondering on the past. This is why you are starting to get headaches. Those headaches do not come from not eating enough. You already eat three meals a day. That is if you try to. It is because you have not forgave the things or people that have happened done you wrong in the past. You are so stuck on the past, that you never see the good things in the future. You can have so many goals but, never accomplish them. You can have so many dreams but, never create that vision into a reality. Sometimes you have to take a set back and listen. You have to listen to your heart. You heart is the best thing for you to listen too. Trust me, on this. “Listening Is The Best Skill You Could Ever Have” If  you do not listen, you will miss out on the best advice that you could ever receive. Listening comes first then, apologizing for your actions comes second. 

We sometimes forget the fact that we wake up every morning. We wake up every morning because we still have a purpose on this earth. Think about the people who already passed away. You wake up just complaining. Complaining for no reason. I already wrote a post about “Complainers” so, I won’t talk to much on that topic. I know you all are probably like, can she stop talking about that topic lol.. “Sorry”….. Here is the link so, that you all can already have an idea with my thoughts on it. 


I finally learned how to put links into my blog posts. I saw it on someone else’s blog and thought that it would be fun to try. I will most definitely find a video from Keke Palmer and give you some inspiration from her. Keke Palmer still has her ways on inspiring me soooo so much. She truly represents Chicago in a well manner. I was trying to find the newest video but, it kept taking me back to the one with Wendy Williams show. This is the best I got lol.

Sometimes you have to follow different artists who inspire you to do what you really want to do. You have to follow them on the daily because they could have went through the same thing you went through. Different artists attracts different people. This is why we all listen to different music. Me personally, I listen to plenty of different artists who shows different sides of me. I have a rap artist who inspires me deeply. She speaks her words with confidence and does not care what the media thinks. Her name is Young M.A…. She inspires me because I write poetry. Her lyrics are different from what these other artists have been rapping about. I can really relate to her. I will be going to her concert on 4/20 at the “House Of Blues”. I will post the link to her concert tickets if you like her as well. I am sure some of you have already heard of her. The only other reason why I like her is because she doesn’t get into plenty of drama with other artists. She keeps her reputation very clean. SALUTE TO YOU…. Here is a video on Young M.A and why you should listen to her. “SHE IS COMING TO CHICAGO”!!!!!! YAYYYYY! 🙂 


When I go to her concert, I am going to give her my business card so that, I can show her my blog. I already got her “Meet And Greet” tickets and the “Regular Ticket”….. 

I actually have a “SoundCloud Account” that Iam trying to get out their. “Motivation Monday’s” should be for your self. They should be used to “Promote Your Work” and “Others Work”…

Now, that I have shared their work. It is time to share mines. I pretty much have my work every where. Here is a poem that I did called “Colorful Hands.” Someone inspired me to do this poem. The words in the text messages really had my heart locked in like Inspiration.

I know my work is good. I just wish that more people would listen to it. Good thing that I have this blog to promote my work as well. Withouth my blog, I think that I would be kind of lost. I have some of my poems on “All Poetry”…. New Poems and Old Poems……… All Poetry is a sight that helps you get your work out their. This site has plenty of different genres that are simply amazing. Here is a link to my “All Poetry” website. 


I know I am going crazy with the links lol. “Sorry”….. I am having fun just copying and pasting links. That means I have a lot of outlets that I can put my work out. I just wish that I had that main supporter. That main supporter who tries to connect with me on a deeper level. I just wish they actually tried to get to know me. You really have to get to know ‘Underground Artists” in order to like their work. On that note, that is my “Que” to leave this blog post lol. Alright, I am gone. I hope you all stay up and stay positive. Carry on. Have a beautiful Monday. 🙂

Thoughts of Taris #54


**Thoughts Of Taris** #52….

Was-sup my awesome readers,

I want to talk about one word “Complainers”..  I feel like some people “complain” about any and everything. I feel like “complainers” come from “people who don’t mind their business.”  When other individuals don’t mind their business, drama starts happening. Or shall I say “Debates”……I know you all have been in one of the worst debates ever. Am I right?

I am going to give others a run down on some of the things others “complain” about. You are probably one of the ones who either do these things or someone has done them toward you.



Some people “complain” about who they have on their Facebook page. They “complain” about what they post. Folks complain about what they share and comment on. We can easily solve this issue by deleting who ever the person is. Duhhhhhhh! If you do not want someone who constantly posts porn, DELETE THEM! SIMPLE! I feel like others should not have the audacity to complain about certain things, because they have control of it. Do you all ever think about that? I feel like if a person complains about something like this, they just want to receive a reaction from them.


(Phone calls and text messages)………This also ties with example #1….

Some people “complain” about receiving phone calls from certain individuals that they do not like. Well, if you do not like them, why did you give them your number in the first place? You personally gave them the “POWER” to use your number however they wanted to.  If you have someone who is constantly sending you Biblical Scriptures and you don’t like it. 9 times out of 10, they will keep sending those scriptures. Even if you tell them to stop sending them, they will not stop. You knew that they were a Christian, you personally did that to yourself. lol. How do I know? I have experience in this. It becomes irritating at a certain point, right? I just stop replying and you should as well. When you stop responding to something, they will stop sending. EVENTUALLY! LOL!

   Here is how to solve this issue. You have two different ways. lol. I feel like you all should personally know this already. 

   Solve issue #1: BLOCK THEIR NUMBER! SIMPLE!

All you have to do is, go in your call logs and go into your settings. Your settings gives you the option to block their number. Your message settings does the exact same thing. I feel like you should know this. Considering the fact that we are on our phones twenty four seven.

   Solve issue #2: CHANGE YOUR NUMBER!

Whichever provider you are with, should give you an option to change your number. I feel that is the best option, out of all options. That might be a problem with certain people because they might have a business that they run. So, they have to keep in contact with all of their clients. Now with that issue, I can honestly understand. It is still different ways around that though. If you have a major problem with someone stalking you. Add all of your clients on “SOCIAL MEDIA” so, that they can stay in touch with you. Another “duhhhhhhh” moment lol. I personally feel that you should not constantly give your number out unless, you have grown to know that person. That is just me personally.


If you are not apart of this community and do not want to be apart of it. STAY OUT OF IT! SIMPLE.!  I know I am probably making this seem really easy. Trust me, it really is easy. Some people complain about the dumbest things in this certain area lol. I can personally go on and on about this topic. Different issues contains different debates with different people. BOOM!Hey, I think my Poetic Justice just flew in lol. (Talking to myself here.) We have some INDIVIDUALS that say people should not live a certain way. How can you possibly tell someone how to live their OWN LIFE? This subject really bothers me. SERIOUSLY! If you are not living that way, then why should it even bother you? You can not tell someone not to date some one that they love. YOU JUST CAN’T. The reason being is because you do not have “GOD” printed on your forehead. You have “YOU” printed on your forehead. Which means, you need to be your self. Once you began to be your self, you will learn to accept others as their self. If two lesbians walk down the street, you consider that as not “Normal”. What is normal to them, might not be normal to you. So, stop complaining those certain issues. One thing that irks my nerves is when someone thinks that they can automatically change another person life because, they are disturbed by it. This might make you mad but, you just can’t. If they are not saying anything about your life, then why should you speak on theirs. Don’t get me wrong, I understand “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”  but, some of you take that too lightly. Remember that saying, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it all all. SIMPLE.!! Do not complain how another person has sex with the same sex if you are not doing it. SIMPLE!!!  If you see a female dressing like a male, let them be. They are not trying to copy males at all. They just like certain clothing like, how some of us like and dislikes certain clothing. If you are not wearing it, SHUT UP. If you are a male complaining about it, I would just think that you are jealous lol. Sorry not sorry. Don’t stare at someone with a disgusting look on your face. Those same individuals have a purpose on this earth, just as much as you have purpose on this earth. If you don’t like it, look away. PERIOD! Do not take pictures of that person and talk about them. What if someone did that to you? How would you feel? I would personally feel hurt.

Well, those are the only main examples that I can think of right now.

The moral of this post is,  do not complain about something you have no type of control over. Do not complain over something that you do have control over. It all depends on how you handle the situation personally. Complaining gets you no where in life but, a dead end. Taking action toward what you complain about, gets you at least toward a destination. If someone complains about this blog post. My point has been made. Think before you complain. Well alright, I have things to do with my life lol. I am off this thingy. Thanks for reading. And remember do not complain about certain things if you are not going to do anything about it. Let others be them selves if they let you do the same. Have a good day now. Carry On Peeps…… 🙂

Can you think of different examples that humans complain about?

Thoughts Of Taris #52……..


**Thoughts Of Taris** #51…..

I feel like with everything going on this world. We need to respect our Woman. I will probably be making more posts about Woman and issues that we need to talk about. We have a few words that we use in this generation which are; “Bitch”, “Hoe”, “Thots”, etc…… One question that I have for some of you….

What is a hoe?

a hoe = a garden tool….. so, we have been using this word wrong throughout our high school years and so on.

The correct word that we should be using is Harlot…..The correct word that is used in the Bible.

a harlot= a prostitute or promiscuous woman.

I would not really be getting upset at the fact that someone called me a hoe. For one, they are using the word wrong. For two, they are just plain stupid and need someone to talk about. Just think about it that way. HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. One question I have for some of  you is………..

What is a bitch?

a bitch= a female dog…. so, someone is simply just calling you a dog. I would personally get mad at that because we are human beings and not animals.

I would not get upset at that either. I say that because you should know what you are. you should also know who you are.  What ever they say does not matter. Regardless of how much the other person tries to make sense. These are just names that people come up with to make their selves feel better. Some people also come up with slang words that are not even created in the dictionary. Slang words like……..

What is a thot?

a thot= a woman considered to be sexually provocative or promiscuous; a slut or whore

That is the same thing as a Harlot, it just makes it sounds worse. I believe it is stupid. Whoever came up with this word was probably bored out of their minds. It was probably a group of bullies who came up with it. Yeah, I can believe that. (Talking to myself here). These are the type of words I feel are disrespectful.. I feel they are disrespectful especially in a relationship. If  your partner does not want to be called any of these, then do not call them that. I would personally break up with someone if they by any means call me these words. I actually have broke up with someone because of that. I think that the word bitch is kind of offensive. Again, you are calling someone an animal. . If a Woman allows her man or her woman to call her  these words. She does not respect  her self at all. She can claim how she respects her self all the time. I personally believe that she does not.

A Woman should want to be called a Queen, a Princess, Beautiful, Smart, Ambitious, Sweet, etc,…. All the positive names that you can think of. A Woman should not want to be called anything negative. If they do then, they just don’t see anything higher within their self. These type of Woman are normally known as insecure. These type of Woman let anything bad happen to them with no problem. I believe that is not okay. I also think that it all depends on how us Woman were raised. I also think that it all depends on who we have in our circle of friends. Some friends can condone the type of behavior that come towards you. Some friends won’t condone that type of behavior that is happening to you. YOU just have to look out for the signs that are given to you. For example, if a man is constantly calling you out your name. He does not respect you at all. You should not allow that behavior in your household. I think that we should learn how to use these words properly and effectively. We should be cautious of the words that we use in our homes. Your children might feel that it is okay to use those type of words. That type of behavior is just not okay at all.


Some people like to call their woman “My bitch”. I think that is okay if you are in a hood type relationship, I guess. I hope I said that in a way that is not offensive. Even still, if your significant other does not want to be called that. You should probably replace that with “my girl” or “my queen”…….Call her something positive instead of something negative. She will then have a different perspective on life and you.

Well, these are my thoughts for today. My time at the library is sort of running out of time. lol.  You all should know how that goes. Welp, you all enjoy the beautiful day that we have outside. Be careful for the words that come towards you. Do not allow anything negative. Have a great day now. 🙂

Thoughts Of Taris #51



**Thoughts Of Taris** #50….

Wassup ladies and gents.

It is something that really irks my nerves. Something that irks my nerves about older man. So, I have a baby face and appearantly they do not care.

How many of you have baby faces? Image result for baby faces meme

I am sure it is plenty of us. I am scared what goes on in these older  man minds. Don’t get me wrong, I respect my elders, they just cross boundaries sometimes. When I am traveling to school or work, these man be all up in my face.


I be thinking in my head like,  what the hell you starring at? Can I get my face back? 

Some of these older man actually be trying to force us young ladies to talk to them. The only reason they do that is because they can’t get what they want. When they can’t get what they want, they force it!!!!! Either they not getting it at home or it is because our “PUSSY” is something new and clean. For all my readers, I keep my blog raw and tell the truth. That is basically how my thoughts are most of the time lol. Mainly sex is what be on these Man mind and that is horrible. It is like their “PENISIS”  control their life. When they say goodmorning to us, I guess that is their way of starting a conversation with us. HINT HINT…They use that line “you are very beautiful”….Now, don’t get me wrong their are some men who can give some of us ladies a compliment and keep it moving. Salute To You All…..!! 

I just wish they would keep their thoughts to a minimum. You feel me? 

Image result for thoughts meme

We have goals in our lives that we are trying to accomplish. Such as school, career jobs, a family, etc….. We should not be worried about someone trying to rape us. That is scarey. But, it is not always the man fault. Sometimes it is our fault. It is our fault because of the way that we dress. Sometimes we dress with our skin showing and we think that it is sexy. When really our clothes tells a man that we are an “eye candy”… I hope I described that right lol. Me personally, young or older man does not even hold my attention long. Woman catch my attention now. Even older woman lol,  sorry if this makes some of you feel  uncomfortable. Haha…..! When man talk to me, I  tend to get irritated and think in my head like “ehhhhhhhhhh” back up off me. “So they creep yeahh yeahhhh” in my TLC voice lmaoo.

Image result for creep meme

When I see other woman walking, I see Man looking at other woman buts. It is disgusting by the way they look at them. I just be wanting to say, keep your eyes to your selves…

Image result for eyes meme

I wonder if someone has the same thoughts as me. Maybe it is just me who has these thoughts lol. I be feeling so weird with my thoughts. Question:

Do you think Man are more creepy than Woman?

I know that is a weird question. I mean, it does not hurt to ask though right? It is worth the try.

Well, here is some advice for you man out there. I will put this in bold letters for you.


Image result for SCARED MEMES

Be careful out here young ladies. Welp, these are my thoughts. Carry on peeps. 🙂