**Thoughts Of Taris** #49….

Thoughts Of Taris #49….

I personally think it is okay to connect with people on a friendship level. I like people who are open minded and are on my level. It is so hard to find that in this world considering the fact that it is so much to do. I am ready to start my life now. 

What I mean by that is traveling, hanging out, a little bit of partying and etc…. People be so stubborn and want to live the average life. Which is go to work, school and then come home. The next day is the same all over again. School, work, home and it becomes repetitive. Doesn’t that sound boring? Where are those people that like to explore different things in life? Where are those people who like to try weird food? I feel like we get caught up in that busy life that we never go out and at least try to have fun. When we finally get invited some where, we cancel because of our tiredness. 

It just doesn’t make since. 

We have to bring that kid side out of us again. We all grew up way too fast and worry too much. I feel like at 21 we should not worry about the type of things that we worry about . We end up stressing over things that God probably already took care of. You feel me? 

Sometimes we just need to go with the flow of things. 

God hears you. 

What ever you are thinking, trust me someone else is thinking it too. I feel like my time is coming but, I got to wait patiently. I just be looking for people to just chill with and laugh with. I also feel like that others stick with others who are not on their level. They stay with those group of friends who are no good for them. It is sad to me. This generation actually has a mindset of

“Get Money And Fuck Friends”

……Nooooooooo, this is not how life is supposed to be. That statement is BITTER and just SAD…..I feel like our generation is getting swiped out because of that. Our mindsets are horrible. If you don’t look a certain way, you are just a nobody. It is all wrong. High school has some of us stagnant with this mindset. Then some of us claims this pity party of

“Ohhhhh, nobody fucks with me”……

It is because some of us look for the wrong things in people. I do not know what is wrong with us nowadays. I know the universe been hearing me. I am just tired of waiting and ready to live a fulfilled lifestyle. You get me? A life full of excitement and less worries. Sometimes it just irritates by the people have a certain perspective on things. Sometimes  they will think that you are “Thirsty” for things like this. No, it is just my mindset is mature enough to not stay in a stagnant place. You feel me? How do you feel about this? I am just ready to meet different people and socialize.When you speak to someone, they have this puzzled look on their face like; “Why is this mf talking to me?”…. It is just a weird world live in now. 

Tell me something deep. What are some things that individualsSay
when you try to engage conversation? Do you get thrown off by it? Speak your thoughts on this. Does it make you not want to talk to anyone? 

Thoughts Of Taris #49 


**Thoughts Of Taris** #45..

**Thoughts Of Taris** #45….

Hey all, 

So, today I am going to talk about the number one issue which is the “Bestfriend Syndrom”….. We all have that one bestfriend who like to take over everything. Depending on if your bestfriend is a female or a male. They kind of take the role of being a father or mother figure, if you get what I mean. 

It is okay to have a bestfriend but, in some cases you got to let them go for a while. I don’t mean just drop them completely but, take a break. Bestfriends can sometimes form the definition of “clingy”… Bestfriends are attached to you like glue. They want to hang around twenty four seven. They want to talk on the phone about anything mainly gossiping. They want to know everything about you. That is perfectly fine but, I feel that is what you do in the beginning stages of that friendship. 

A best friend is cool to have when you have no one to talk to and things in that nature. But, this is where the problem comes in at. 

“The Best Friend/Relationship Syndrom”…..

When you get in a relationship, your bestfriend tends to get jealous. This is not the case all the time but, sometimes. They are getting jealous because you are getting more “play” than them. You might be enjoying your life with someone else other than them. Then they start to call you fake or phony. Here is that one line where they say “I need a new bestfriend, my old bestfriend is not acting like one”…. They want so much of your attention it is like they actually want to be with you. Get it???

A bestfriend wants to know how he or she is treating you. They want to know about you all’s sex life. Which I personally feel is private. What if you and your bestfriend get into it, and they tell everything. Get it??? They want to know what type of places you all go to for dates. They want to know every detail about that relationship. But, the person you are dating is kind of already like your bestfriend. Okay, you understand now right? 

When your bestfriend finally meets the person you are dating. Things get rocky because they question them like the FBI. 😂😂Mind you, I don’t have a bestfriend. I just sit back and observe certain things. So, if you have a bestfriend and they kind of act like this. You might want to keep watching the signs. When you are paying more attention to the person you are dating. Your so called “bestfriend” might end up turning on you. But, then again some of us really do have a good bestfriend who sticks around no matter if we are dating someone or not. 

I don’t have a bestfriend sadly. 😢😥 I know you all are probably like what really? Yeah it is true. I do not have a bestfriend because I do not trust others. I rather be alone than to be done wrong. 👌💁

Sometimes I do wish for a bestfriend but, I kind of like my me time and don’t have to deal with all the clinginess. 😂😂  I will be honest, I can get a little clingy to but, that is okay. 

If you have a bestfriend just make sure you both are on the same page. Make sure you make each other feel comfortable and give each other space like a true bestfriend would. Your bestfriend still loves you even if they do get into a relationship. With everything that comes with change, we have to learn to adapt to it in most cases. 

Alright Guys. 
That is all my thoughts for tonight.  

**Thoughts Of Taris** #45….


**Thoughts Of Taris** #44….

Hey all, 

Love is a word. I want to express you all my perception of what love is. I want to express how I express my love for someone else. I technically have different ways of showing per se. I might throw hints at you and I might even give you a little smile. It all depends on how you make me feel. 

Here is one thing though. If I don’t receive it back than I might attend to get angry and insecure. It all depends on the type of love you give to me. Or shall I say “show”?  Some one asked me today, was I passive aggressive? This question is what brings me to this particular blog post. I usually don’t post twice a day.  I didn’t know what that meant so, now I am blogging about it. I kept my comments to myself and now I am looking it up. Has me thinking about certain things. Things like; past relationships, friendships and so on. Was I being passive aggressive? In a sense, I probably was but, then again who knows?  I simply show love by giving. I give constantly and constantly to make the other person happy. Instead of taking away from them. The only thing I want to receive is the heart, the mind, the soul and sometimes the body. 😂😂😂

When others come onto to me 👀, I can’t really tell. They have to literally show me that they are coming on to me. Unless, I will never know. Seriously!!! 😏 I’ll just think that you are creating small talk. I now feel like love is kind of unpredictable now and days. You can’t predict who is going to show you love in a way that you been talking to the universe about. I mean the universe connects two people for a reason. We never know that reason.  

The universe brings you two together in a weird place. A place that you would never ever think of. Right now, I am just going with the flow of things. I’ve been meditating on my body lately. So, who ever receives it, receives it while being cleansed. You get me? Sometimes going back to exes is probably not a proper way of cleansing my body. You get me now right? When I look at you, I am simply studying while also studying myself. With that being said, studying who we both are as human beings and how I can find a way to connect with you. I know, deep right? Some people think I be mean mugging them or I have a starring problem but, not really.😂😂😂💀 That is why I created Thoughts Of Taris to show others my perspective of why I do things. 

Some people say that I am interesting when they first have a conversation with me. But then, things change. I might be interesting to them but, they don’t keep my interest. It is certain things that you have to do in order to keep my interest. I will not name them because of the simple fact that some body might do them because they read this. 

That is not cool…..by the way….. 👊

Love is an excellent feeling if you show as much effort as the other person. You get me now right? Love can also be a disaster if you are too controlling in a sence. Love can become disastrous in many different ways. You have to accept the other person for who they are. You get me? I am talking to you but, I don’t think you are hearing me. 👂 Sometimes we just got to be careful of who open up to. I mean I am like an open book. 📖

You just have to stay long enough and open me up. My book is full of surprises. I mean I don’t bite. Yes, I love woman. I love boobs. I love buts. I love all the female body parts. Ask me questions? When you meet me, just get to know me. 💭👭 I have certain beliefs that others don’t know about. This is what communication is here for. I see how some people don’t get close to me because I sit in an area that does not involve a “group setting”.. It all depends on what group setting is in the room at the moment. It takes me a while to get comfortable with certain people. I am a very interesting person, try me. But, don’t come for me if you are not ready to handle my emotions. I am a emotional person as well. Do you think I am passive aggressive by reading this post? What you think? It is only your opinion so, doesn’t hurt me at all. OPEN BOOK, remember? Get to know me. Do you want me to start creating videos of my thoughts. What is your thoughts tonight? 👂👂

**Thoughts Of Taris** #44…. 


**Thoughts Of Taris** #39…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #39…

Hey all, 

  -Lead-  It’s Monday, the starting of a fresh week. A week that should be full of goals and love. I do not mean love that is given to you but, self love. (30 words). …

   First Paragraph:

   Self-love basically means loving everything within yourself. Your outside and inner beauty that not one person can copy. By you accomplishing that, you can achieve anything else in life. I say that because without self-love, we are left with insecurities. Insecurities can drive us all nuts. We look in the mirror and think the worse of our selves. We become “our” own worse enemy. When our insecurities kick in, we tend to push people away. “The wrong people away”, we push away family, friends, and etc. 

Second Paragraph: 

   Pushing people away is not a good thing at all. It kind of makes them think we are crazy. We are not really crazy, we all just need a little love in our lives (that is all).. We all throw mean words towards each other which means insecurities fall into place anyway. Sometimes insecurities begins with how we are raised. Don’t you agree?? As those insecurities start forming, our relationships builds patterns. We end up dating people just like us. Which means, they are insecure as well. How can we love someone if we don’t even love ourselves? We wonder why we end up single on Valentines Day.. We wonder why we end up getting blocked in messages and during phone calls. The other person runs away from us because, we end rushing things that did not need to be rushed in the beginning. Why rush something that ends anyway? Nothing lasts forever, not even marriage right? 

Third Paragraph: 

   We think that everything lasts forever. Only thing that lasts forever is eternal life. How would we know if we will receive eternal life? We will know by the way we treat people. The way we treat people is exactly what life will give us back. We never know what life has for us. So, we got to be careful on how we treat life. Don’t let your insecurities get control of your relationships, it will hurt your soul. Like literally, hurt your soul to the point, you end up lonely. Then you will end up thinking about having cats all over the house. You don’t want that, now do you? I feel like cats are for lonely people. Dogs are for people who got their life together. That is just my way of interpretating life. Life is what you make it. Like I stated, in my other post, being weird is okay. Stop looking around to see who is watching you. You never know, they might even admire you for God’s sake. Take that into consideration. 

Moral of the story:

The moral of the story is don’t let your insecurities overrule your life. You are not perfect but, you are perfect in someone else’s eyes. Valentines Day is only a holiday but, not a real holiday. Just think of it as another day because at the end of the day, Wednesday is right around the corner. Welp, these are my thoughts carry on. ❤❤😄

**Thoughts Of Taris** #39…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #28… 

**Thoughts Of Taris** #28…..

Hey everyone, 

Today, I wanted to talk about passion. Do you ever feel like you don’t have a passion for certain things anymore? Say you play baseball over the summer right? You just stopped to focus on more important things. The passion is still there, you are just taking a break. That break that you are taking can continue on for years and years. 

Never ends!!

All of a sudden, that one person comes and asks “Don’t tell me you gave up already?” You start thinking, did I give up?  You asked people to go to every game and they never showed up. You asked people to share your games and comment what they thought about the video. They never said anything and you got angry. You keep saying to your self “I am going to blow up one day and maybe they’ll pay attention. “… 

Then you question that and start downing yourself. By the way, that is not a good thing to do to yourself. NOT HEALTHY!!!! I do that to myself sometimes. Reflection Is Key….. You keep wondering why no one supports you like they do others. They support the ones who are already up their and that is not fair. We are the ones who always support the ones who are above us. They are to good to support the ones who are beneath them. It doesn’t make since. If support can go both ways, we all can achieve something. Likes are good and all but, not going to get everyone far. A share and a comment is a big one. People forget that.

I sometimes wonder why others make it further than others. Then they leave their so called friends behind who might have way more potential. They put in work by promoting their own work and no one ever notice it. I feel that is bullshit. 

One day, you go to a baseball game and you play your ass off. Someone big or “famous” I shall say notices your hard work and potential. That one person starts sharing all of your videos of your games. That one person tags people and you have no clue who they are. You are like “what happened so fast?” 

No matter who doesn’t notice your work. No matter how many likes you don’t get. No matter how many comments you don’t get. Someone out there is paying attention and looking for someone like you. Your passion comes from within. Their is no way you can quit on what you love to do. I am almost at point where I wanted to quit on my poetry. I said “NO”. . Someone will notice me or remember me either by name or by face. So , the next time you think you don’t have passion for it.You say “NO” and remind yourself why you started in the first place. Reflection Is Key….Well, these are my thoughts carry on. 😘❤😄

**Thoughts Of Taris** #28…