**Thoughts Of Taris** #53……

Hey cool kids and adults, 

I have a question for you all….

Does your personality scare people away that you like? Let that marinate in your head for a minute.

What I mean by that is, how you describe yourself. When we first meet someone they ask “What do you like to do in your free time?” You might say going out to parties, hanging out, drinking, etc…..Right? But, then when you ask them they say “sleep,  work, cuddle”….. So, you basically already have this perception in your head of how the relationship is going to go. 

Sometimes we have to let that perception of them go away and grow to love that person. You never know how the relationship is going to turn out. One day: they may say, “Babe, let’s go out”…. You end up shocked because you never thought it would come out of their mouth. You are always the one planning something for the both of you. Or the person who likes to go out all the time might say “Babe, I just want to cuddle today and just stay in the house”… Their face is at awe. You should never judge a person when you first talk to them. They might turn out to like you so much; that they change the way they do things. Sometimes they think well let me try this. Or let me say that. That person wants to make you happy at all costs. 

We can’t always turn down a person because of the things that they do. By that meaning, say if someone you really want to get know “smokes cigarettes”…. You tell them that smoking is a turn off for you. Even though smoking might be a problem for you, it might not be a problem for them. Smoking is something that makes them feel comfortable. If we tell them to stop, we are actually being “selfish”….. &This is where the situation gets turned around. You all might not last because they will think you have “selfish motives”……Get it……..If you are stepping back out into the dating force. You have to have an open mind but, still keep your standards at a minimum. If they can’t respect what you tell them, why keep them around? If they are trying to get a better understanding to keep this going, then yes keep them around. 

Just make sure you open up your mind for a better understanding. If you are just now getting to know them, don’t be desperate if they do something that you do not like. Sometimes you got to see how the first date goes. Sometimes you have to see how they act around certain people that you hang around. You just have to see what type of person they are in general. Signs are always accurate nowadays. Always pay attention. 
Sometimes giving a person a chance is a good thing but, it also can be a bad thing. 

You can either give them the chance to break your heart or make you happy. Dating someone who knows none of your friends nor family could possibly be a good thing and viceversa. It just depends on how you look at the situation. Dating could just be as easy. Having a positive mind could make it exciting. Being negative could make your dating life a living hell. 

Uhmmmmm lets see, oh yeah….. Don’t let others stop you on how you date. If you are dating online, keep doing it. (If it is working out for you.) If you keep getting great experiences well, skip what they think. If you are getting bad experiences, you might want to listen to them. It all depends on what makes you comfortable. Your soul mate could possibly be some where in cyber space and you don’t know that. Your soul mate could be some where out side of cyber space. We never know until we try different things. You do what makes you happy. But, always be cautious of what you are doing. Do not be so anxious and take it slow. 

Uhmmmmmm, lets seeee. Who ever you date, do not bring them around the family so early. I say that because if you have not been together for at least 6 months. They do not deserve to meet anyone. In 6 months, you get to learn how a person truly is. A relationship is just like a job. If you never show up and try your best, they will fire you and find someone else. Someone else could easily replace you just like that. 

Uhmmmmm, if someone asks you for money the minute they get a chance. Cut them loose. We do not need anyone begging during the entire relationship. Trust me on this. Once someone gets what they need, they will vanish quick as hell. 

Let me let you all in on a little story. 

I had a crush on someone. She was fine to me. I started to care for her once we started to talk. You know how you become so called “friends” with someone. Yeah so, I told her I liked her or whatever. Mind you, that one person used to send me Goodmorning text messages every morning. (SO CRAZY)…. !!! I thought she liked me too. (WRONG)……!!! She asked me for $75 for her situation. Knowing myself, I have a good heart. Yeah, I gave it to her. I know you all are probably thinking “Why in the hell would you do that?” I know, I know. I took that “L”. After I gave her the $75,  she started acting funny. I was not trying to move to fast. I was just like dang really. In my mind, I am like what happened to the morning messages. It hurt my feelings a little bit. I guess that is why people say take your feelings out of it and just take that “L”. I wasn’t in love with her or anything it was just like dang people actually do that. I didn’t want anything back. I just thought we was building a friendship or whatever. (WRONG AGAIN)!!! Now, I barely hear from her. & I bet once I actually get into a relationshio them messages gone come flying back. 

So, that was my little story. I barely see her anymore. BUMMER! I learned my lession on that. This is why you have to be very careful when you get back into the dating scene. ALWAYS HAVE AN OPEN MIND. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY WORDS OR ITS COVER. LOOK AT ITS IMAGES. 

Word of advice: BE YOURSELF. 

Tootles. I got to go now. Who ever is reading this, God Bless. Have a great night. !! 


Thoughts Of Taris#53……


**Thoughts Of Taris** #32

**Thoughts Of Taris** #32….

Hey all,

Today is a good day. When you speak to someone, and they say wassup. Guess what you say? You say “CHICKEN BUT” to keep the day “POSITIVE”. I did it this morning and at least one person laughed.

My day has been made because they laughed. Yayyyyyyy! Small things count. Well, today I wanted to talk more on relationships. Valentines Day is coming up but, I honestly think that is not a real holiday.

Here is why….


That is a link to show you just a little history. We took the real meaning out of this holiday and it is sad. It is sad because we have been brainwashed with the media and BIG ASS TEDDY BEARS. Yes, they gave out gifts on this day but, it was mainly cards and little things. We focus more on the big things. Shakespeare did his part with Hallmark and his poetry. Some of you artists can’t even create cards and sell them. HA!

Maybe instead of buying stuff and giving The White Man our money. How about we create greeting cards for people at work or school. How about that? It doesn’t cost that much. All you have to do is have a computer, pencils, pens, color paper, etc…Not hard, right?? I might do that this year and take a picture of them. I think my check comes in before the 14th, I believe so. I can put postive quotes on the cards and mayne turn it into a business. Hummm? Just a little brainstorming. But, please stop making Valentines Day bigger than what it is. It is actually supposed to be about love. We give more gifts than love.

A week before valentines day come up, I bet MEME’s will start forming. Maybe we should give God our gifts and love this time. These are my thoughts, CARRY ON!! ❤😄 **Thoughts Of Taris**

**Thoughts Of Taris** #30..  

**Thoughts Of Taris**#30…

Hey all, 

I know this is a late blog post. It is 9:24pm and I am kind of in my feelings. Here is why…

After reading a couple of my love poems, it didn’t feel right. I don’t feel the love when I speak them. I don’t feel the love even when I look at them. I guess I never felt true love because if I did, my poems would be deeper. I feel like love poems comes from within and you just don’t write them out the blue. Now that I think about it, I only have one love poem that I can feel from within. That is called “My First Love”…. That poem is actually on SoundCloud. 

Listen to My First Love.3gp by Taris DidThat #np on #SoundCloud

I put it out on SoundCloud, because I felt it was good and it was the Truth. I have poems about loving myself. Of course, I can feel those from WITHIN. I think every one who I have dated has been a lesson. Every person I’ve dated (DATED DATED!!!!), I have been a blessing towards them. It is not a bad thing well, for them nor for me either. It is just a concern. It is a concern because I am always giving myself away. I know some of you can probably relate to that. Rather it is money, sex, gifts, food, ect. I always GAVE without EXPECTING a dime back. I guess that is just the person I am. 

When I am home alone, I sometimes feen for love. I try not to contact my ex because you know how that goes. They try to blame everything on you to make you feel worse. I don’t have time for that mess. I wonder “What is love”?

When couples break up why don’t they both take the blame for their actions? (Instead of blaming just one person.) I think that is why marriages don’t really come about. Its always “THE OTHER PERSON”!! We love pointing the finger but, we shouldn’t do that at all. 

I sometimes feel like the Universe hears me even when I don’t speak. The universe knows what I need and knows what to bring to me.It is pretty unpredictable but, I feel like the signs are there. Sometimes I feel like the signs disappear because I miss them. Sometimes I might block those signs. One thing I will not do is date someone because others want me too. It will never work. Well, NEVER SAY NEVER. (JUSTIN BEIBER voice)…I talk to God from time to time about love. I don’t think he hears me at all.  It just doesn’t feel the same. I feel like since I am not stable enough it won’t happen. Maybe it would. ONE DAY. Some males or females try to play that “ROLE” of being with me. It only lasts for months. No one has ever lasted with me for at least 2 or 3 years. I sometimes think its me. Maybe my expectations are high. I never really brought anyone around my family. I feel no one is cut out for it. I only let one female meet my step-dad. She blew me over because she said I was too clingy. So now, when I go into dating other people I become distant and then makes them feel UNWANTED. This is just all confusing to me. I try not to focus on relationships so much. I just focus on my goals. I feel like a relationship will bring me away from them. I don’t want that. Maybe I am scared or worried that I might actually find TRUE LOVE in a UNEXPECTED time. It might be weird. You know what they say, that person is always in front of you? But, “Who?”…. Well, love is just a word for me right now. Success is my language right now. Maybe if I had some one like a business partner always by myside that would help. Idk. I am just in my feelings. These are my thoughts. I have school tomorrow. So, carry on and goodnight.!!!