**Thoughts Of Taris** #52….

Was-sup my awesome readers,

I want to talk about one word “Complainers”..  I feel like some people “complain” about any and everything. I feel like “complainers” come from “people who don’t mind their business.”  When other individuals don’t mind their business, drama starts happening. Or shall I say “Debates”……I know you all have been in one of the worst debates ever. Am I right?

I am going to give others a run down on some of the things others “complain” about. You are probably one of the ones who either do these things or someone has done them toward you.



Some people “complain” about who they have on their Facebook page. They “complain” about what they post. Folks complain about what they share and comment on. We can easily solve this issue by deleting who ever the person is. Duhhhhhhh! If you do not want someone who constantly posts porn, DELETE THEM! SIMPLE! I feel like others should not have the audacity to complain about certain things, because they have control of it. Do you all ever think about that? I feel like if a person complains about something like this, they just want to receive a reaction from them.


(Phone calls and text messages)………This also ties with example #1….

Some people “complain” about receiving phone calls from certain individuals that they do not like. Well, if you do not like them, why did you give them your number in the first place? You personally gave them the “POWER” to use your number however they wanted to.  If you have someone who is constantly sending you Biblical Scriptures and you don’t like it. 9 times out of 10, they will keep sending those scriptures. Even if you tell them to stop sending them, they will not stop. You knew that they were a Christian, you personally did that to yourself. lol. How do I know? I have experience in this. It becomes irritating at a certain point, right? I just stop replying and you should as well. When you stop responding to something, they will stop sending. EVENTUALLY! LOL!

   Here is how to solve this issue. You have two different ways. lol. I feel like you all should personally know this already. 

   Solve issue #1: BLOCK THEIR NUMBER! SIMPLE!

All you have to do is, go in your call logs and go into your settings. Your settings gives you the option to block their number. Your message settings does the exact same thing. I feel like you should know this. Considering the fact that we are on our phones twenty four seven.

   Solve issue #2: CHANGE YOUR NUMBER!

Whichever provider you are with, should give you an option to change your number. I feel that is the best option, out of all options. That might be a problem with certain people because they might have a business that they run. So, they have to keep in contact with all of their clients. Now with that issue, I can honestly understand. It is still different ways around that though. If you have a major problem with someone stalking you. Add all of your clients on “SOCIAL MEDIA” so, that they can stay in touch with you. Another “duhhhhhhh” moment lol. I personally feel that you should not constantly give your number out unless, you have grown to know that person. That is just me personally.


If you are not apart of this community and do not want to be apart of it. STAY OUT OF IT! SIMPLE.!  I know I am probably making this seem really easy. Trust me, it really is easy. Some people complain about the dumbest things in this certain area lol. I can personally go on and on about this topic. Different issues contains different debates with different people. BOOM!Hey, I think my Poetic Justice just flew in lol. (Talking to myself here.) We have some INDIVIDUALS that say people should not live a certain way. How can you possibly tell someone how to live their OWN LIFE? This subject really bothers me. SERIOUSLY! If you are not living that way, then why should it even bother you? You can not tell someone not to date some one that they love. YOU JUST CAN’T. The reason being is because you do not have “GOD” printed on your forehead. You have “YOU” printed on your forehead. Which means, you need to be your self. Once you began to be your self, you will learn to accept others as their self. If two lesbians walk down the street, you consider that as not “Normal”. What is normal to them, might not be normal to you. So, stop complaining those certain issues. One thing that irks my nerves is when someone thinks that they can automatically change another person life because, they are disturbed by it. This might make you mad but, you just can’t. If they are not saying anything about your life, then why should you speak on theirs. Don’t get me wrong, I understand “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”  but, some of you take that too lightly. Remember that saying, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it all all. SIMPLE.!! Do not complain how another person has sex with the same sex if you are not doing it. SIMPLE!!!  If you see a female dressing like a male, let them be. They are not trying to copy males at all. They just like certain clothing like, how some of us like and dislikes certain clothing. If you are not wearing it, SHUT UP. If you are a male complaining about it, I would just think that you are jealous lol. Sorry not sorry. Don’t stare at someone with a disgusting look on your face. Those same individuals have a purpose on this earth, just as much as you have purpose on this earth. If you don’t like it, look away. PERIOD! Do not take pictures of that person and talk about them. What if someone did that to you? How would you feel? I would personally feel hurt.

Well, those are the only main examples that I can think of right now.

The moral of this post is,  do not complain about something you have no type of control over. Do not complain over something that you do have control over. It all depends on how you handle the situation personally. Complaining gets you no where in life but, a dead end. Taking action toward what you complain about, gets you at least toward a destination. If someone complains about this blog post. My point has been made. Think before you complain. Well alright, I have things to do with my life lol. I am off this thingy. Thanks for reading. And remember do not complain about certain things if you are not going to do anything about it. Let others be them selves if they let you do the same. Have a good day now. Carry On Peeps…… 🙂

Can you think of different examples that humans complain about?

Thoughts Of Taris #52……..