**Thoughts Of Taris** #54…

Thoughts Of Taris #54……

Good afternoon everybody…….

Today is “Motivation Monday”. I feel so inspired it’s like my inspiration drive went so high. At first, it was very low but, I gained it back. The only reason why I have been feeling low is because no one really supports my work like I want them too.

I sometimes feel like I support other people work and they do not return it back. I know we should not automatically expect support to be given back to us. I feel like that “support becomes overrated after a while.” Support does goes a long way if you actually do it. If you all can support celebrities, then why can’t you support your friends or family members? That is one thing that irks my nerves. I can’t stand people like that. I actually learned a lesson yesterday. Their is a such thing as “Success Over Night But, With Help”.  

If you have enough people in your corner to support you, you got it. Some days you might feel like you are slacking. Some days you feel like that “Certain Things” will just never happen to you. You are wrong. Let me tell you why you are wrong. When you think like that, it is only a mindset that you have been having. Anything you do is a “Mindset”.   You are in control of what you think and feel on the daily basis. You are in control on how you live your life. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You have to stop having this pity part that you so called claim that you have. You are only hurting because you keep pondering on the past. This is why you are starting to get headaches. Those headaches do not come from not eating enough. You already eat three meals a day. That is if you try to. It is because you have not forgave the things or people that have happened done you wrong in the past. You are so stuck on the past, that you never see the good things in the future. You can have so many goals but, never accomplish them. You can have so many dreams but, never create that vision into a reality. Sometimes you have to take a set back and listen. You have to listen to your heart. You heart is the best thing for you to listen too. Trust me, on this. “Listening Is The Best Skill You Could Ever Have” If  you do not listen, you will miss out on the best advice that you could ever receive. Listening comes first then, apologizing for your actions comes second. 

We sometimes forget the fact that we wake up every morning. We wake up every morning because we still have a purpose on this earth. Think about the people who already passed away. You wake up just complaining. Complaining for no reason. I already wrote a post about “Complainers” so, I won’t talk to much on that topic. I know you all are probably like, can she stop talking about that topic lol.. “Sorry”….. Here is the link so, that you all can already have an idea with my thoughts on it. 


I finally learned how to put links into my blog posts. I saw it on someone else’s blog and thought that it would be fun to try. I will most definitely find a video from Keke Palmer and give you some inspiration from her. Keke Palmer still has her ways on inspiring me soooo so much. She truly represents Chicago in a well manner. I was trying to find the newest video but, it kept taking me back to the one with Wendy Williams show. This is the best I got lol.

Sometimes you have to follow different artists who inspire you to do what you really want to do. You have to follow them on the daily because they could have went through the same thing you went through. Different artists attracts different people. This is why we all listen to different music. Me personally, I listen to plenty of different artists who shows different sides of me. I have a rap artist who inspires me deeply. She speaks her words with confidence and does not care what the media thinks. Her name is Young M.A…. She inspires me because I write poetry. Her lyrics are different from what these other artists have been rapping about. I can really relate to her. I will be going to her concert on 4/20 at the “House Of Blues”. I will post the link to her concert tickets if you like her as well. I am sure some of you have already heard of her. The only other reason why I like her is because she doesn’t get into plenty of drama with other artists. She keeps her reputation very clean. SALUTE TO YOU…. Here is a video on Young M.A and why you should listen to her. “SHE IS COMING TO CHICAGO”!!!!!! YAYYYYY! 🙂 


When I go to her concert, I am going to give her my business card so that, I can show her my blog. I already got her “Meet And Greet” tickets and the “Regular Ticket”….. 

I actually have a “SoundCloud Account” that Iam trying to get out their. “Motivation Monday’s” should be for your self. They should be used to “Promote Your Work” and “Others Work”…

Now, that I have shared their work. It is time to share mines. I pretty much have my work every where. Here is a poem that I did called “Colorful Hands.” Someone inspired me to do this poem. The words in the text messages really had my heart locked in like Inspiration.

I know my work is good. I just wish that more people would listen to it. Good thing that I have this blog to promote my work as well. Withouth my blog, I think that I would be kind of lost. I have some of my poems on “All Poetry”…. New Poems and Old Poems……… All Poetry is a sight that helps you get your work out their. This site has plenty of different genres that are simply amazing. Here is a link to my “All Poetry” website. 


I know I am going crazy with the links lol. “Sorry”….. I am having fun just copying and pasting links. That means I have a lot of outlets that I can put my work out. I just wish that I had that main supporter. That main supporter who tries to connect with me on a deeper level. I just wish they actually tried to get to know me. You really have to get to know ‘Underground Artists” in order to like their work. On that note, that is my “Que” to leave this blog post lol. Alright, I am gone. I hope you all stay up and stay positive. Carry on. Have a beautiful Monday. 🙂

Thoughts of Taris #54


**Thoughts Of Taris** #48…..

Thoughts Of Taris #48….

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I have officially been away from my blog for 5 days now and I am back it……

I have a question for you all.

Is it better being single all your life and focus on your money? Or is it better to keep focusing on you while dating? I personally feel like that you can still work on your self and date people at the same time. You do not have to be serious just yet, but keep your eyes open. In the midst, you can find a lover. That is why you have to patiently wait and do not rush anything. When you rush things, they end quicker. Remember that! Now, that we have touched base on that topic….. Today, I discovered something.

We all have problems. Some of our problems might be big or small, it all depends on how you deal with them. We can’t always depend on others to be “Captain Save A Hoe” with our problems. They just might be going through the same thing as you and scared to ask for help….. It is okay to ask for help…Closed mouths don’t get fed. You can ask for it maybe once or twice but, not constantly. That one thing that I am talking about is money. People ask for money constantly but, you can really tell when someone actually needs it. Once you give it to them, they will truly appreciate it and say thank-you a bunch of times.

Sometimes a card full of words will do the trick. Your words have to be thoughtful and make them smile. 🙂 If it makes their day, then you have done your job. We have assignments that we have to complete and you will most definitely know when you have completed it. Some people are very close minded. Well, I should not say close minded but, I should say ONE TRACK MINDED…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me give you an example on what I mean by that.

When it comes to our jobs, we are scared to date because of the drama that might come with it. Sometimes it all depends on how you both deal with things. If you both are mature enough to date and work than their should be no problem. You should just complete your shift and go home.

You should always keep your personal business to yourself. Do not tell other co-workers what is going on in your relationship. Especially your sex life because it can most definitely get around the entire store. Just make sure you let everyone know that you two are dating and keep it at that. So, I currently am crushing on someone at my job. When I say she is fine, she is most definitely fineeeeeeeeeeee. Every time I see her I just want to hug her but, that is TMI lol… We have been talking lately and she has my attention. Every time she texts me, I am smiling. So, their is a spark some where in the universe. (I just love the word universe). Hahaha. It was meant for us to connect. All it took was for me to say Good Morning and we exchanged numbers. Which was an awesome thing that happened.

She needed a favor and I helped her. I feel like if I needed something than she would help me out. You never know. I think things like that will grab someone’s attention. It shows loyalty. Here is one thing that I have noticed about her though. When she told me that I can put my number in her phone, she just automatically gave me the password. I was like “Waittttttttttt whattttttttt? That most definitely shows TRUST….. I can tell that she is trustworthy by the way she talks.

She is a little older but, not that much older. So, she knows more and that attracts me. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Well, if things get intimate I will let you all know my thoughts on it.

My advice for you all is to try new things and let the Universe do its job. You never know who you will be connected to. Trust me, I am most definitely learning. Talk to God or whom ever and watch what happens. Trust yourself. Speak it into existence and watch it manifest. Maybe I might do vlogs with the both of us if it gets that far. I always wanted to do that like; a Domo and Chrissy type of thing but, different. By the way, Domo and Chrissy are so cute. I just love them. Well, my day has been made and hopefully yours will too. I have to get to work now. Whoever you are talking to, please spark their day if they are going through something. Trust me, it works. I am still single though blahhh lol but, time will tell. Once that love sparks somewhere, vlogs will be coming if they are up for it or pictures. Yall have a great day now. (In my country voice)….

Thoughts Of Taris #48….




**Thoughts Of Taris** #43…

​**Thoughts Of Taris** #43…

Hey all, 

I know that I have been gone from blogging for a while. I want to appreciate you all for reading and commenting. I have been keeping myself away from commenting on blogging threads and going back into the “norm”……blahhhhh. Life is hitting me on the nail right now. I have not been focusing on my poetry. I have not been putting in the work that I should be putting in. I been writing half ass poems on receipt paper at work. I just feel like I am putting my job before anything else. Even though my job has been bringing me money, I don’t feel happy. Sometimes I wonder if others sees my unhappiness through the “fake happiness”. You get me? 

I guess some people feel that I try to do so many things at once. “FAMILY MEMBERS”… Then, I miss out on “important things” and get sidetracked. Example, school and bus fare. I sometimes feel like everything I basically do is important. No matter what it is. I feel like I put up this role. This role of being happy of where I am at in life just to get through the day. It is good to be positive about life but, not to front in front off others who see right through you. Some people come to me and be like; oh you are always happy. Why are you down today? You are always giggling and being silly but, what is wrong? Then they think I all of a sudden have problems when I don’t. I am just being a human being.  I am being a human being like everyone else. I have emotions that hit me daily and anger that is in me constantly. I guess that is apart of my gemini moodswings or what not. Or I guess that is “Taris” coming out which is my normal self, my other side is God’s Poetic Child. She shows out mainly all the time. You know like she is the good person and Taris is basically the bad person. I would not necessarily say the bad person. You know what I mean? 

 Keke Palmer explains those things in her book. How different artists has multiple personalities. When she said that I kind of thought that she was a gemini but, it is just an artist thing. She turns out to be a virgo. I mean that’s cool. 

Well, I been reading this book. A book by someone who inspires me so much. Her attitude, her hustle, her style, her confidence, etc…..

The book is called. I Don’t Belong To You by Keke Palmer. 

I am still in the process of reading it. I can relate to her emotionally and I do feel like I am connecting to her in the artist world. I mean her goals are different from mine but, she is an artist like me. When she signed my book last week. I felt something. I felt something deep. I don’t know what it was but, I felt it. I followed her (not in a stalkerish way) but, I followed her through her movies she was in. I listen to her music. I watched her Tv shows and everything. It is like you know she came from Harvey, IL. She acts so much like us it is crazy. When I say “Us”, I mean my generation in a whole. 

She just reminds me of some people that I see at work sometimes or outside of work. I been thinking some things as I continue to read this book. By the way, I give this book 5 stars.  Usually, I pick up a book and start reading and don’t finish. This book has me glued all the way in. 

I am taking my time reading this. She talks about a lot of important things that I feel I need to know as an artist. She seem like cool people’s. Now, since I been reading this book. I tend to think about my gifts and what have I done so far with them. I have done a little but, not to much. And Keke Palmer has stated on facebook one time ” I rather do to much than to little.” I am like this girl got to have everything figured out by now. I have plenty of wants but, not a lot of do’s. You get me? I feel like I need to focus more on what I want so I can get what I need. I know for sure my gifts will make room for me and I have been talking to God lately or the universe. I feel like he hears me but, ehhhhh not often. I want to reach the young people just like Keke Palmer just in a different way. With my poetry. It is hard because I keep focusing on every body else’s blessings and blocking mine. No one knows how depressing this is. People say they will help me but, then they don’t help me. I can name a few but, I won’t be that bold. I am holding some of you other artists accountable for saying that to me. It just puts me back in square one. I NEED HELP. I NEED A MANAGER.  I have been doing some self -reflecting. I need to do more. Being in school sometimes helps with that. I wish life was easy and people understood me. I feel like Keke sometimes. People won’t get to know Taris but, they get to know God’s Poetic Child and make assumptions about Taris from what she posts on facebook. You get me? So, it is like what if I did that to other artists on the poetry scence. It would make me look like an ass hole just like it makes them look like one. I will not name names. Well, I guess I have to become more organized with my wants and so, I can finally complete my do’s. Thanks to an awesome inspiration of mine, she made me realize that. I suggest any artist who is trying to make it. You got to pick up this book and read it sometime. These are my thoughts. Carry on peeps. !! Peace out!! 😘❤✌👌💤

**Thoughts Of Taris** #43….. 


**Thoughts Of Taris**#42…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #42…

Topic: My thoughts on Dionysus Deville

Hey everyone, 

   I wanted to do something a little different today. I have a couple of features coming up. The first person I will be talking about is Charles a.k.a Dionysus Deville. He is a great friend of mine well, more like a big brother in my eyes. 

In the poetry world, he is known as Dionysus Deville. In the real world, he is known as Charles and he is 28 years old. Dionysus is known as the party guy. Turn up!!! He is the one who likes to drink and be in the spotlight. We all love to be in the spotlight, right? He more so has the confident side, who isn’t afraid to express himself. Dionysus pushes the boundaries within himself. 

Meet Dionysus Deville. 

Charles is more core with his personality. When Charles is off stage and around friends, he is more laid back and a bit nerdy. HAHA! Otherwise, he is down to earth. Charles and Dionysus are nothing alike (at all)… Dionysus was created more for the stage. Charles is more so the one who focuses on reality. We all have two different sides dealing with our personality. Dionysus is known as a Spoken Word artist. He has performed at plenty of different open mics. He has also written several stories and published books as well. He has two poems that were published in magazines. Dionysus has been known to host his own open mics. His open mics are very fun and with different types of people. He has hosted different events on different occassions as well. 

Everyone meet Charles….

Dionysus has been featured in different shows and won a talent contest. He has won the talent contest with a SpokenWord piece. The people that he has encountered around him, has been a inspiration. His source of inspiration actually comes from everyone. Which leads us to his first book, “Rise Of The King”…. He has another book coming out which is called “Room 917″… Sounds interesting, right?? 

“Rise Of The King” was published in 2014. Dionysus plans on expanding his radio show “StreetDreamers Radio,” starting a brand new open mic, and producing a play. Can you say “WOW!!!”. Looks like Charles and Dionysus has a lot going for their selves. HAHA!! See what. I did their? Check him out sometimes. 


“Be who you are, even when others don’t want you to be” -Dionysus…

“Don’t let failure fail you, allow it to grow you.” -Dionysus 

If you want to work with him. Here is his contact information. 

Email: dionysusdeville@gmail.com