**Thoughts Of Taris** #54…

Thoughts Of Taris #54……

Good afternoon everybody…….

Today is “Motivation Monday”. I feel so inspired it’s like my inspiration drive went so high. At first, it was very low but, I gained it back. The only reason why I have been feeling low is because no one really supports my work like I want them too.

I sometimes feel like I support other people work and they do not return it back. I know we should not automatically expect support to be given back to us. I feel like that “support becomes overrated after a while.” Support does goes a long way if you actually do it. If you all can support celebrities, then why can’t you support your friends or family members? That is one thing that irks my nerves. I can’t stand people like that. I actually learned a lesson yesterday. Their is a such thing as “Success Over Night But, With Help”.  

If you have enough people in your corner to support you, you got it. Some days you might feel like you are slacking. Some days you feel like that “Certain Things” will just never happen to you. You are wrong. Let me tell you why you are wrong. When you think like that, it is only a mindset that you have been having. Anything you do is a “Mindset”.   You are in control of what you think and feel on the daily basis. You are in control on how you live your life. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You have to stop having this pity part that you so called claim that you have. You are only hurting because you keep pondering on the past. This is why you are starting to get headaches. Those headaches do not come from not eating enough. You already eat three meals a day. That is if you try to. It is because you have not forgave the things or people that have happened done you wrong in the past. You are so stuck on the past, that you never see the good things in the future. You can have so many goals but, never accomplish them. You can have so many dreams but, never create that vision into a reality. Sometimes you have to take a set back and listen. You have to listen to your heart. You heart is the best thing for you to listen too. Trust me, on this. “Listening Is The Best Skill You Could Ever Have” If  you do not listen, you will miss out on the best advice that you could ever receive. Listening comes first then, apologizing for your actions comes second. 

We sometimes forget the fact that we wake up every morning. We wake up every morning because we still have a purpose on this earth. Think about the people who already passed away. You wake up just complaining. Complaining for no reason. I already wrote a post about “Complainers” so, I won’t talk to much on that topic. I know you all are probably like, can she stop talking about that topic lol.. “Sorry”….. Here is the link so, that you all can already have an idea with my thoughts on it. 


I finally learned how to put links into my blog posts. I saw it on someone else’s blog and thought that it would be fun to try. I will most definitely find a video from Keke Palmer and give you some inspiration from her. Keke Palmer still has her ways on inspiring me soooo so much. She truly represents Chicago in a well manner. I was trying to find the newest video but, it kept taking me back to the one with Wendy Williams show. This is the best I got lol.

Sometimes you have to follow different artists who inspire you to do what you really want to do. You have to follow them on the daily because they could have went through the same thing you went through. Different artists attracts different people. This is why we all listen to different music. Me personally, I listen to plenty of different artists who shows different sides of me. I have a rap artist who inspires me deeply. She speaks her words with confidence and does not care what the media thinks. Her name is Young M.A…. She inspires me because I write poetry. Her lyrics are different from what these other artists have been rapping about. I can really relate to her. I will be going to her concert on 4/20 at the “House Of Blues”. I will post the link to her concert tickets if you like her as well. I am sure some of you have already heard of her. The only other reason why I like her is because she doesn’t get into plenty of drama with other artists. She keeps her reputation very clean. SALUTE TO YOU…. Here is a video on Young M.A and why you should listen to her. “SHE IS COMING TO CHICAGO”!!!!!! YAYYYYY! 🙂 


When I go to her concert, I am going to give her my business card so that, I can show her my blog. I already got her “Meet And Greet” tickets and the “Regular Ticket”….. 

I actually have a “SoundCloud Account” that Iam trying to get out their. “Motivation Monday’s” should be for your self. They should be used to “Promote Your Work” and “Others Work”…

Now, that I have shared their work. It is time to share mines. I pretty much have my work every where. Here is a poem that I did called “Colorful Hands.” Someone inspired me to do this poem. The words in the text messages really had my heart locked in like Inspiration.

I know my work is good. I just wish that more people would listen to it. Good thing that I have this blog to promote my work as well. Withouth my blog, I think that I would be kind of lost. I have some of my poems on “All Poetry”…. New Poems and Old Poems……… All Poetry is a sight that helps you get your work out their. This site has plenty of different genres that are simply amazing. Here is a link to my “All Poetry” website. 


I know I am going crazy with the links lol. “Sorry”….. I am having fun just copying and pasting links. That means I have a lot of outlets that I can put my work out. I just wish that I had that main supporter. That main supporter who tries to connect with me on a deeper level. I just wish they actually tried to get to know me. You really have to get to know ‘Underground Artists” in order to like their work. On that note, that is my “Que” to leave this blog post lol. Alright, I am gone. I hope you all stay up and stay positive. Carry on. Have a beautiful Monday. 🙂

Thoughts of Taris #54


**Thoughts Of Taris** #34… 

**Thoughts of Taris** #34…

Hey all, 

You ever think about taking some days off from life. You realize that is not possible. You have so many things going on and you want to take a break. Maybe go on a vacation. You realize there is one or two things stopping you. Work or maybe school. Both if those things take up most of your time. 

You never have time for fun. You feel like you are just living an average life. Working a 9-5 like every one else. You are not stable enough to do what you really want to do. You feel like everybody life is moving on so quickly and you are just stagnant. A job is good but, not good enough to where you need to be. You can’t really save as much money as you want because you have bills you need to pay and grocies so you can eat. If you don’t buy grocies, you will end up eating fast food. Then again, you end up eating fast food anyway because you feen for it. I know I do. 

You think to your self that you need a change in your life. You think about going on a diet. You think about going out more and partying. You think about buying things that will soon benefit you in the future. You are just like, what is it? You want to meet new friends but, it is hard. You want to get back in touch with family members but, they are doing their own thing so they forget about you. 

You need a change. I need a change. We all need a change. We need something spontaneous to spark up our life a little bit. We all want to start traveling soon. We all want our careers to pop out on us with greatness. Did you know in order for all those things to happen, we need to have MONEY. Money is great but, we start turning ugly when we receive more of it. I notice that with celebrities. They dream of this life and don’t want to live an average life. Then again, their personality is not the same. So, before we wish for this life. We have to be careful on how we want to do it. If we don’t want to be average, we have to build our character first before money recks our behaviour. A better life takes patience. Without struggle, how would we know what a better life feels like? Welp, these are my thoughts for tonight. Carry on peoples and get some rest.❤😊

**Thoughts of Taris**#34…. 

**Thoughts Of Taris** #28… 

**Thoughts Of Taris** #28…..

Hey everyone, 

Today, I wanted to talk about passion. Do you ever feel like you don’t have a passion for certain things anymore? Say you play baseball over the summer right? You just stopped to focus on more important things. The passion is still there, you are just taking a break. That break that you are taking can continue on for years and years. 

Never ends!!

All of a sudden, that one person comes and asks “Don’t tell me you gave up already?” You start thinking, did I give up?  You asked people to go to every game and they never showed up. You asked people to share your games and comment what they thought about the video. They never said anything and you got angry. You keep saying to your self “I am going to blow up one day and maybe they’ll pay attention. “… 

Then you question that and start downing yourself. By the way, that is not a good thing to do to yourself. NOT HEALTHY!!!! I do that to myself sometimes. Reflection Is Key….. You keep wondering why no one supports you like they do others. They support the ones who are already up their and that is not fair. We are the ones who always support the ones who are above us. They are to good to support the ones who are beneath them. It doesn’t make since. If support can go both ways, we all can achieve something. Likes are good and all but, not going to get everyone far. A share and a comment is a big one. People forget that.

I sometimes wonder why others make it further than others. Then they leave their so called friends behind who might have way more potential. They put in work by promoting their own work and no one ever notice it. I feel that is bullshit. 

One day, you go to a baseball game and you play your ass off. Someone big or “famous” I shall say notices your hard work and potential. That one person starts sharing all of your videos of your games. That one person tags people and you have no clue who they are. You are like “what happened so fast?” 

No matter who doesn’t notice your work. No matter how many likes you don’t get. No matter how many comments you don’t get. Someone out there is paying attention and looking for someone like you. Your passion comes from within. Their is no way you can quit on what you love to do. I am almost at point where I wanted to quit on my poetry. I said “NO”. . Someone will notice me or remember me either by name or by face. So , the next time you think you don’t have passion for it.You say “NO” and remind yourself why you started in the first place. Reflection Is Key….Well, these are my thoughts carry on. 😘❤😄

**Thoughts Of Taris** #28… 

**Thoughts Of Taris** #27..

**Thoughts Of Taris**#27….

Goodmorning everyone,

I am sure your morning is going great. Your morning should be filled with “I can be better than what I did yesterday.” If you see any mistakes like, me skipping a number in the title. I might do that one day. Please by all means, tell me. 

Well, today I wanted to talk about mothers and kids. It is nothing in a bad way but, just a couple of concerns. Here is one question to jump start it off. 

Why do young mothers and older mothers with kids, think they know more or think they are better than others without kids?

 You made the mistake and had a kid. You opened up your legs so, you basically made it hard for your self. Do not talk about people who has no kids at all. We can have it just as hard as you. 

You have money issues. We might have job issues because, they are giving most of the new positions to the people who have kids. I believe that is not fair. It should be equal. ” We need a job too”…”We are struggling too”… You can disagree but, no struggle is better than the other. Most people forget that. I will make this clear. I have nothing against mothers who have kids, or fathers who have kids. Its just, I have a problem with people who think their struggle is better than others. 

One day, I will have kids but, not right now. I am more so focusing on my goals, because that is what is important to me right now. Some people with kids just stop their whole entire life and I do not think that is okay. You see who we got in office now right. So, this means we basically can do anything we want especially, if we didn’t attend on doing it in the first place. If you wanted to be a lawyer and your kids are grown up, go back to school. Shit, we need better lawyers anyway. You lost your motive, that is all. Get up and gain it back. Let me make this clear, because someone thought I said I do not like kids. I love kids, they are adorable until that crying starts happening. I hate hate hate crybabies. I am one my self. 😂😂 But, don’t give up on your dreams. Please don’t. From what I see, I feel like kids will stop me or anybody from what we really want to do in life. I am 21, do you know how many young adults my age who have kids or about to have one right now? See, our generation is more focused on having relationships and building a family. Why settle down at a young age? You are going to be like one of the older adults saying ” I wish I never did that”. (No Offense)… I mean, do you really want to be like that?

Have fun and enjoy your 20’s. I promise you will not regret it. Again, I have nothing against parents with kids. Got it? These are thoughts… *Carry On…❤😌😉