**Thoughts Of Taris** #51…..

I feel like with everything going on this world. We need to respect our Woman. I will probably be making more posts about Woman and issues that we need to talk about. We have a few words that we use in this generation which are; “Bitch”, “Hoe”, “Thots”, etc…… One question that I have for some of you….

What is a hoe?

a hoe = a garden tool….. so, we have been using this word wrong throughout our high school years and so on.

The correct word that we should be using is Harlot…..The correct word that is used in the Bible.

a harlot= a prostitute or promiscuous woman.

I would not really be getting upset at the fact that someone called me a hoe. For one, they are using the word wrong. For two, they are just plain stupid and need someone to talk about. Just think about it that way. HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. One question I have for some of  you is………..

What is a bitch?

a bitch= a female dog…. so, someone is simply just calling you a dog. I would personally get mad at that because we are human beings and not animals.

I would not get upset at that either. I say that because you should know what you are. you should also know who you are.  What ever they say does not matter. Regardless of how much the other person tries to make sense. These are just names that people come up with to make their selves feel better. Some people also come up with slang words that are not even created in the dictionary. Slang words like……..

What is a thot?

a thot= a woman considered to be sexually provocative or promiscuous; a slut or whore

That is the same thing as a Harlot, it just makes it sounds worse. I believe it is stupid. Whoever came up with this word was probably bored out of their minds. It was probably a group of bullies who came up with it. Yeah, I can believe that. (Talking to myself here). These are the type of words I feel are disrespectful.. I feel they are disrespectful especially in a relationship. If  your partner does not want to be called any of these, then do not call them that. I would personally break up with someone if they by any means call me these words. I actually have broke up with someone because of that. I think that the word bitch is kind of offensive. Again, you are calling someone an animal. . If a Woman allows her man or her woman to call her  these words. She does not respect  her self at all. She can claim how she respects her self all the time. I personally believe that she does not.

A Woman should want to be called a Queen, a Princess, Beautiful, Smart, Ambitious, Sweet, etc,…. All the positive names that you can think of. A Woman should not want to be called anything negative. If they do then, they just don’t see anything higher within their self. These type of Woman are normally known as insecure. These type of Woman let anything bad happen to them with no problem. I believe that is not okay. I also think that it all depends on how us Woman were raised. I also think that it all depends on who we have in our circle of friends. Some friends can condone the type of behavior that come towards you. Some friends won’t condone that type of behavior that is happening to you. YOU just have to look out for the signs that are given to you. For example, if a man is constantly calling you out your name. He does not respect you at all. You should not allow that behavior in your household. I think that we should learn how to use these words properly and effectively. We should be cautious of the words that we use in our homes. Your children might feel that it is okay to use those type of words. That type of behavior is just not okay at all.


Some people like to call their woman “My bitch”. I think that is okay if you are in a hood type relationship, I guess. I hope I said that in a way that is not offensive. Even still, if your significant other does not want to be called that. You should probably replace that with “my girl” or “my queen”…….Call her something positive instead of something negative. She will then have a different perspective on life and you.

Well, these are my thoughts for today. My time at the library is sort of running out of time. lol.  You all should know how that goes. Welp, you all enjoy the beautiful day that we have outside. Be careful for the words that come towards you. Do not allow anything negative. Have a great day now. 🙂

Thoughts Of Taris #51