**Thoughts Of Taris** #47

**Thoughts of Taris** #47…

Goodmorning beautiful people. 

   Today, I wanted to talk about the city of Chicago and this can tie into other cities as well. I want to particularily touch on a subject which will be called “CTA HOMELESS SHELTER”….. 

   I will explain to you about that in a moment. I used to bounce from house to house so I kind of understand these people pain. I personally understand the bed bug situation. I understand not having something to eat. I understand what its like to just be in “Survival Mode”….. I never had to deal with sleeping on a train though and keeping my stuff on me all at once. Yes, I have a story but, this is not about me. 

   The City of Chicago spoils us with great transportation. We can get to any where as long as we know where we are going. The CTA takes us every where from Point A, Point B, Point C and Point D…. Their is no way you should need a ride from anyone unless, you are really struggling to get 4.50 to get you some where. Plenty of us ride the train to work, school, interviews, meetings and etc…. Most of us have to ride the train every day all day because we are always On The Go. Am I right or wrong? Inside the train stations, their are some good and bad things that we see. Some things are not even pleasent to look at nor smell either. This is coming from someone who lived in Chicago and the Suburbs. When I was in the suburbs, I always wanted to visit downtown and so I did. When you ride the train, you might hear singing while passing by different stops. Mainly near Jackson, State and you all should know the rest of them. Some people pay 10 dollars to get a permit to perform in the stations. Which to me is an excellent idea. 😁 You can make a lot of money that way if you have great talent. Don’t get me wrong I have seen AMAZING TALENT. It is mainly singers and dancers though. I wish I saw more rappers who have a meaning behind their music or more poets to….


Looks like they are singing right. 👆👆👆⬆⬆⬆

On the other hand, you might see homeless people. Sometimes they may be laying on the carts that we have to sit on. Sometimes they may even stink up the whole cart and we all have to move to another cart. I’ve done it before. This is a serious issue that we need to find a solution to. Do you agree with me? 

We can take all the pictures we can but, will that do anything? It won’t, it will just bring all the attention on them. 

The Mayor needs to do something about this before it gets worse. If he doesn’t, the CTA Train Stations will start turning into a shelter, because that is the only place that they feel is safe. In most cases, it is not always safe because their are some mean people on the train. Remember: HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. 

I saw some of these images on facebook and it inspired to write this blog post. I been getting plenty of inspiration lately. I feel like their should be more homeless shelters and resources for people who are constantly finding their way back on the train. 

Does CTA really clean the trains after each ride? I personally think not. Why do they have workers if the carts on the train are still dirty and have a smell to them? Just saying. 

I know these pictures can be a bit disturbing but, I see it in real life. Some of the homeless people we see are sometimes on crack or drunk as well. I seen it with my own two eyes. Someone was sniffing crack on the red line and it was late at night. You know what he told me? He told me to mind my business. But how can, I if you are doing this in public? I have a concern with that because kids ride the train by their selves and they have to see what I see. They have to see these things early in the morning before school. BUMMER!! I understand that every one story is different. Your story can be fixed if you start fixing up your self with the proper tools. I feel like it should not get this bad. We need someone to really care for our city and do something about this ASAP before it turns into something big. 

I know I am not the only one who sees this issue. I actually have to get on the train when I am done typing this. My thumb hurts from typing all of this lol. Well, I am off to school. Befofe I go, I want say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY. Make sure you treat self and save money as well. You might need it for a rainy day. Love you all. Okay, carry on about your day now. 


**Thoughts of Taris** #47….


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  1. Ikr. Sometimes they are clean but, not all the time. Even though they are dirty, we still have to ride them. I am used to it though. I mean I live here. lol


  2. isitmondayyetblog says:

    The numbers of homeless and drug addicted people across our great nation is staggering; there is NO excuse for anyone to live this way in the USA; but, they do – there are so many ‘reasons’ why – poor education for parents and their kids, low income, low self-esteem, the list goes on, but, the way I see it, the BIGGEST problem is, Jesus .. these folks need Christ, and not just to be saved but to be out serving Him and spreading the Gospel – where are the churches in Chicago?
    God bless you and thank you for brining this to light


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