**Thoughts Of Taris** #46…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #46

Hey all,

   So today, I wanted to talk about how some things are common  sense. Common Sense is not so common nowadays. As I sit back and observe something’s, I realize that we ask dumb questions that we can just simply answer our selves.

   Our answers could possibly be right in our face. I am not saying that I know more than anyone else but, with something’s I do. I wish people would think about the questions that they ask before they ask. SIMPLE RIGHT? Even though in school we were simply taught that “No Question Is A Dumb Question.” Our teachers said that because someone else might have the same exact question. FALSE….  

   For example, say if you are in the library and you are getting ready to print something. Someone is in front of you, he or she does not know how to press “DONE” on the screen. I had to show her the word “Done” was on the top right corner of the screen. The word was in big letters and was in the color red. I know she is not blind because she did everything else before her things  got printed. Here comes that main saying, “Reading Is Fundamental. “….. Rings a bell?

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   If you just simply read what is right in front you, life would be so much easier. I was not going to post about this today but, I got inspired. I am in the library and this happened to me a couple seconds ago. When I am at my job, customers do this to me all the time. They simply can not read signs that are above the aisles. They ask “Where is your bread?” There is a section that is full of bread, I mean come on now, everyone knows that. I get frustrated with this and it kind of makes me feel like a NERD in a way. This is why people should read more books and eat more carrots. Carrots help improve our eye site.

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At  first, I stopped eating carrots because I went crazy with all the sugary stuff. I know you are probably like yeah I can most definitely relate to that. Sometimes it depends on what type of books you read as well. If you read books that have bigger words, more than likely your vocabulary will expand. I am trying to do that myself. I catch myself reading signs more often. On my library card it says. Read, Learn, Discover. Is that at least helpful?

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   Uhmmmm, maybe some people have brain farts. Or they simply are thinking about too many things at once. Some people just might need your help when they ask questions. Don’t get me wrong their is nothing wrong with asking questions. Questions are fun and you get all the facts. Even as a journalist you have to ask plenty of questions. I do believe that your questions can’t be vague. Am I Right? Your questions have to make the other person think. You have to ask the Who?, What, When, Where, Why, and How? The lady did use a How question which was again a question she could of answered her self. As I said before, my major is journalism and some things just irks my nerves. If you stay in school, you will realize some of the things that I am realizing.  Do not give them the stink eye when they ask the question. Be kind and do not be sarcastic. I deal with this all the time. I am currently a Sophomore in college. Yayyyyy me. Take a peek at what I learning.

What are some things that irks your nerves?

Welp, these are my thoughts. Carry on.

**Thoughts of Taris** 46….:)


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  1. yesssss, I totally agree with you. I be wanting to say…”MOVEEEEEEEE OUT THE WAY” lol but, I am not a mean person so I wouldn’t do that. And then when we bump them they get mad. Hello, you were moving to slow lmao…. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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