**Thoughts Of Taris** #45..

**Thoughts Of Taris** #45….

Hey all, 

So, today I am going to talk about the number one issue which is the “Bestfriend Syndrom”….. We all have that one bestfriend who like to take over everything. Depending on if your bestfriend is a female or a male. They kind of take the role of being a father or mother figure, if you get what I mean. 

It is okay to have a bestfriend but, in some cases you got to let them go for a while. I don’t mean just drop them completely but, take a break. Bestfriends can sometimes form the definition of “clingy”… Bestfriends are attached to you like glue. They want to hang around twenty four seven. They want to talk on the phone about anything mainly gossiping. They want to know everything about you. That is perfectly fine but, I feel that is what you do in the beginning stages of that friendship. 

A best friend is cool to have when you have no one to talk to and things in that nature. But, this is where the problem comes in at. 

“The Best Friend/Relationship Syndrom”…..

When you get in a relationship, your bestfriend tends to get jealous. This is not the case all the time but, sometimes. They are getting jealous because you are getting more “play” than them. You might be enjoying your life with someone else other than them. Then they start to call you fake or phony. Here is that one line where they say “I need a new bestfriend, my old bestfriend is not acting like one”…. They want so much of your attention it is like they actually want to be with you. Get it???

A bestfriend wants to know how he or she is treating you. They want to know about you all’s sex life. Which I personally feel is private. What if you and your bestfriend get into it, and they tell everything. Get it??? They want to know what type of places you all go to for dates. They want to know every detail about that relationship. But, the person you are dating is kind of already like your bestfriend. Okay, you understand now right? 

When your bestfriend finally meets the person you are dating. Things get rocky because they question them like the FBI. 😂😂Mind you, I don’t have a bestfriend. I just sit back and observe certain things. So, if you have a bestfriend and they kind of act like this. You might want to keep watching the signs. When you are paying more attention to the person you are dating. Your so called “bestfriend” might end up turning on you. But, then again some of us really do have a good bestfriend who sticks around no matter if we are dating someone or not. 

I don’t have a bestfriend sadly. 😢😥 I know you all are probably like what really? Yeah it is true. I do not have a bestfriend because I do not trust others. I rather be alone than to be done wrong. 👌💁

Sometimes I do wish for a bestfriend but, I kind of like my me time and don’t have to deal with all the clinginess. 😂😂  I will be honest, I can get a little clingy to but, that is okay. 

If you have a bestfriend just make sure you both are on the same page. Make sure you make each other feel comfortable and give each other space like a true bestfriend would. Your bestfriend still loves you even if they do get into a relationship. With everything that comes with change, we have to learn to adapt to it in most cases. 

Alright Guys. 
That is all my thoughts for tonight.  

**Thoughts Of Taris** #45….


6 thoughts on “**Thoughts Of Taris** #45..

  1. perroneregmailcom says:

    I truly believe in having more than one “best” friend. I am now 36 and remeber when I was younger and my “best” friend was spending more time with someone else and because I was insecure I would wonder why? There are many stages of friendship, today I am lucky to have two of my friends from highschool still play an important role in my life and am just as lucky to have met many new friends. Thank You for sharing!

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    • I do to. When you have a number of friends you can most definitely get different perspectives on subjects. That is great but, please keep those friends close as possible and cherish them. I wish I would of kept the friends in high school but they just cause to much drama. You are welcome. Thank you for reading. 🙂


  2. There is one friend who thinks I can’t do anything else with anyone else meaning other women. She gets butt hurt and whiny. I thought about just cutting her loose. Finally talked to her and set her straight on how my life is my life and I can enjoy more than one friend. She has cooled is and that is fine with me.

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    • I definitely knew that someone would agree to this post. Some one told me about this issue and I believed it. She is truly a great best friend if she understood where you were coming from. Great job for telling you how you feel instead of cutting her off completely. Thanks for reading. Their will be more topics on these type of subjects. 🙂 Come back for more.


  3. I’m. lucky to have a couple of “best friends” who are amazing. It’s true sometimes a new relationship can change the dynamic of a friendship but if they’re really a good friend they’ll open up communication about it and together it can be worked out 🙂 Good topic!

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    • it is great that you have some best friends. That is always wonderful. Thank you for reading and I am glad that you understand the topic of this post. 🙂


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