**Thoughts Of Taris**#42…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #42…

Topic: My thoughts on Dionysus Deville

Hey everyone, 

   I wanted to do something a little different today. I have a couple of features coming up. The first person I will be talking about is Charles a.k.a Dionysus Deville. He is a great friend of mine well, more like a big brother in my eyes. 

In the poetry world, he is known as Dionysus Deville. In the real world, he is known as Charles and he is 28 years old. Dionysus is known as the party guy. Turn up!!! He is the one who likes to drink and be in the spotlight. We all love to be in the spotlight, right? He more so has the confident side, who isn’t afraid to express himself. Dionysus pushes the boundaries within himself. 

Meet Dionysus Deville. 

Charles is more core with his personality. When Charles is off stage and around friends, he is more laid back and a bit nerdy. HAHA! Otherwise, he is down to earth. Charles and Dionysus are nothing alike (at all)… Dionysus was created more for the stage. Charles is more so the one who focuses on reality. We all have two different sides dealing with our personality. Dionysus is known as a Spoken Word artist. He has performed at plenty of different open mics. He has also written several stories and published books as well. He has two poems that were published in magazines. Dionysus has been known to host his own open mics. His open mics are very fun and with different types of people. He has hosted different events on different occassions as well. 

Everyone meet Charles….

Dionysus has been featured in different shows and won a talent contest. He has won the talent contest with a SpokenWord piece. The people that he has encountered around him, has been a inspiration. His source of inspiration actually comes from everyone. Which leads us to his first book, “Rise Of The King”…. He has another book coming out which is called “Room 917″… Sounds interesting, right?? 

“Rise Of The King” was published in 2014. Dionysus plans on expanding his radio show “StreetDreamers Radio,” starting a brand new open mic, and producing a play. Can you say “WOW!!!”. Looks like Charles and Dionysus has a lot going for their selves. HAHA!! See what. I did their? Check him out sometimes. 


“Be who you are, even when others don’t want you to be” -Dionysus…

“Don’t let failure fail you, allow it to grow you.” -Dionysus 

If you want to work with him. Here is his contact information. 

Email: dionysusdeville@gmail.com 


48 thoughts on “**Thoughts Of Taris**#42…

    • He really is talented. i can see him going different places as well. Thank you. All I did was tell him to send me two quotes and a picture. i guess that made the post about him pop. I will be having another soon.


  1. “Be who you are, even when others don’t want you to be” -Dionysus
    That is something I needed to hear today… been having a rough few weeks lately and really needed the inspiration. Thanks!

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    • I think plenty of people need to follow that quote. I am glad that the quote inspired you. You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. This was a sweet spotlight for your friend – he’s lucky to have your support! I’ll have to look him up, too; I actually like poetry quite a lot, and I love the rhythm and feel of the way spoken word is performed. It brings a whole new side out of the expression.

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    • You know what is funny. He actually is fan of Beyonce lmao… yes that is what this post is about. ….. Hopefully it works. 🙂


    • Hey…. I actually seen that quote as well. I think i have seen it on facebook some where. they are similar. Thanks for reading.


  3. “Be who you are when others don’t won’t you to”- Yes, yes, and YES!! Nice to meet your friend. And what a friend you are to spotlight him and speak so highly of who the person he is. Can you be my friends as well? Love it!!

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    • I love that quote to. It really inspired me. I love sharing other people works to get them help. I don’t mind meeting new friends. lol I am always down for it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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