**Thoughts Of Taris** #41…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #41…

Hey all, 

   Today I wanted to talk about the eyes. The eyes are a powerful weapon. We use our eyes to look around our surroundings. We use our eyes to get a sense of direction. We use our eyes to see our likes and dislikes. We use our eyes to see our visions and to daydream. Sometimes daydreaming can take us into a place where we actually want to be. Get it? Sometimes when we daydream, we end up starring ? Some people think that starring at others is disrespectful. I don’t think so. What do you think? 

  Sometimes we need to use our eyes in order to study others. How would we know who they truly are, if we can not see their outside and inside image? Sometimes with our eyes we can get mistaken for mean mugging others. 

   Now this brings me to the next topic: the heart. The heart is also a powerful weapon. We can use our heart for good and the bad. Sometimes we let others abuse our hearts. Some people don’t even deserve the keys to our hearts. Now that is a true statement that I feel anyone can agree to. Our hearts leads us to see the good in others while they see the bad in us. The heart that we have inside us are very fragile. Once someone breaks it, it takes a while for us to heal it. Unless, you are strong person who can take a lot of pain because you are used to. Even the strongest breaks down too. 

   And last but not least our soul. Our soul is what attracts us to our soulmate. Even though this will be confusing, we will eventually know who are soul mate is. Our souls attracts to other individuals who are just like us in certain ways. The universe knows what our soul can get along with. The universe is unpredictable sometimes. So, all we can do is go with the flow. 

   Our souls is also another powerful weapon that we use. Now take a moment and look at that picture and look at the next one. What is the difference? 

   Demons are not attractive on the inside but, they can be attractive in the outside. Are you a demon? Do you attract other demons. Let me tell you how would you know? Okay so, say you have a friend who talks about people to get a good laugh out of it. Now say if you start talking about that person as well. You are just like them in a certain way. Whatever they do, you do it on the “low” and that person that you all talk about attracts others who get talked. They have great souls that others abuse. 

   My advice to you is to becareful how you use your eyes, heart and soul. They are a powerful weapon. Use them for the good and not the evil. Your eyes, heart and soul determins your character. Your mouth does as well. I will talk about that on the next one. Their is a saying about the tongue, I am sure you all know what this is. Can you guess?

Well, these are my thoughts. Carry on. 

**Thoughts Of Taris**#41… 


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  1. Titan da Poet says:

    We all have been gifted with unique abilities and it is up to us all to learn to use those abilities correctly and profoundly.

    Thank You for sharing your thoughts.

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