**Thoughts Of Taris** #37…

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Hey all, 

So today, I left my bankcard at home on accident. I was rushing to get to school. I realized I left it when I finally got on the bus. I was so upset, I love spending money. I usually get Dunkin Donuts every morning. Luckily, a classmate of mines brought me Coffee and Donuts. That was so sweet of her. She didn’t even have to do that. I wanted to buy lunch today just to treat myself while at work. I guess I just have to continue eating noodles like I’ve been doing. I get tired of eating noodles. I try to switch up the flavor but, it doesn’t work. 

Most of the flavors taste the same to me. I am talking about Ramen Noodles. I actually had a taste for Chicken today. My favorite food makes my headaches go away. Anyway, that is not the point of this post. We all normally get paid on Thursday or Friday. We always get excited when payday comes along. We think of things that we want to buy the next day. Things like; clothes that we do not need, shoes we do not need, food that is unhealthy for us and etc….Food like; fastfood from McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc… We spend our money on unnecessary things. We can’t even save five dollars for our bus cards if we run out. We can’t even save thirty dollars for our phone bills if we needed it. We try to to apply for Savings Bonds, but that doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because we can still take money out of our accounts. What good would that leave us? The love of money kills us to the point we don’t even love our selves anymore. 

Money leaves us stagnant and leaves us homeless. You see all these people on the streets. It’s because we spend it on things we do not need. Right now, I am living at my grandmothers house because I do not have my own apartment. I never had my own apartment. No one ever taught me how to save money. I never went to any classes for it or anything. Economics is too hard for me. We can’t even save a twenty dollar bill. 

As soon as we break that twenty dollar bill, its gone. As soon as we break that hundred dollar bill, its gone. It’s crazy right??? With Trump being in office, we have to hurry up and save ASAP. He over banning passports to get out the country. I think that is unbelievably stupid. We spending money on companies that don’t even give back to us. That is stupid. We all need to try to save at least one penny a day. One penny a day, saves the day. You never know what is going to happen to you the next day. Welp, these are my thoughts. A long post for today. Enjoy your day and save a penny. Carry on!! ❤😊😄

**Thoughts of Taris**#37…. 


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  1. It jus reminds me how much I spend on food (yeah fast food) when I am stressed.. somehow I feel better after eating food.. foooddd is my true love 😉
    Saving a penny a day is a good idea for saving money too 🙂

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    • We spend so much money on fast food. I agree. I feel so much better eating fast foods, it is weird right? Yess yesss. Save your pennies love.


  2. clairew101 says:

    Yesterday I spent $5 for a muffin and coffee. They were both terrible and the muffin completely crumbled apart:( I feel ya. Check out claire-wear.com


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