**Thoughts of Taris** #36

**Thoughts of Taris** #36

Hey all, 

You should say goodmorning to at least one person. It makes the day go smooth for both of you all. Well, today I wanted to talk about the books that are a mandatory to read for our classes. 

You know how we have some of those boring books. Those books that just have those boring ass stories. The books that makes us not want to concentrate. Sometimes our brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time. We can not have plenty of things going on all at once. Like for example, the tv, bad music, food. I know you might be saying how? Food is a distraction because we are eating while reading. How will we get the full concept of the chapter we are reading? Chewing gum is a distraction. You are focusing more on the taste of the gum. I know that might sound funny but, it is true. Your phone could be a MAJOR distraction as well. You could be more focused on who is texting you rather than focusing on that one particular chapter. Lets say you have to read this by Friday and you are doing it last minute because of the directions surrounding you. 

Reading is fundamental. You learn so much by just reading instead of using technology. Having a book addiction is not a bad thing. Having a technology addiction is because, you are not interacting with the world. Say, if someone asks you what book are you reading? It might look interesting to them. You can’t interact with them on the phone. Whatever book your teacher gives you read it. Push all distractions away. 

I am guilty of this as well. I let distractions get a hold of me sometimes. I have to learn to break mine. You all have a good one and kick ass at reading a chapter or two with NO DISTRACTIONS. Well guys, these are my thoughts. Carry on!! ❤✊😄


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