**Thoughts Of Taris** #35…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #35…

Hey all, 

You know you get that feeling when you are really tired. Your body starts getting weak. You can’t stop yawning and sometimes you end up dozing off. You start dozing off during an amazing conversation and don’t even notice it. You wake up like, oh man I forgot to text back. You have to reread over everything just to make sure you didn’t say anything crazy. 

Well, thats me. I can’t hold long conversations anymore because I end up falling asleep. I took a nap yesterday which is rare for me. I don’t normally take naps.  I feel like if I take a nap, I will end up missing something. I sometimes think that naps are for people who don’t have anything to do with their lives. But, I could be wrong. 

When I was little, I think I had a hard time with “nap time”…. Now, I just doze off whenever. I try not to do it at work in the breakroom but, I did once. I think one person caught me sleeping and that was it. I try my best not to sleep on the train. I don’t want anyone taking my things or taking pictures of me. Yes, people do weird things like that.

 I actually got two days off, so I think I will be set for tomorrow. (HOPEFULLY). They always have me closing so, it’s like where is my sleep time? I have to close again tomorrow. I know you all wondering, how do I even have time to blog like this? I blog like this when I am mainly on the train. Sometimes on my way to work and when I am coming home from school. You make time for things that are important to you. My blog is very important to me for some reason. I keep saying one day my blog will get big but, when? 

Well, today I am very drained. It is okay to take naps especially on off days. Do not let anyone tell you different. Naps are good for the soul, just don’t doze off in a outside setting. I know you are probably busy just like me. You all have a great day. These are my thoughts. Carry on 😊😴😄❤

**Thoughts Of Taris** #35..


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