**Thoughts Of Taris** #32

**Thoughts Of Taris** #32….

Hey all,

Today is a good day. When you speak to someone, and they say wassup. Guess what you say? You say “CHICKEN BUT” to keep the day “POSITIVE”. I did it this morning and at least one person laughed.

My day has been made because they laughed. Yayyyyyyy! Small things count. Well, today I wanted to talk more on relationships. Valentines Day is coming up but, I honestly think that is not a real holiday.

Here is why….


That is a link to show you just a little history. We took the real meaning out of this holiday and it is sad. It is sad because we have been brainwashed with the media and BIG ASS TEDDY BEARS. Yes, they gave out gifts on this day but, it was mainly cards and little things. We focus more on the big things. Shakespeare did his part with Hallmark and his poetry. Some of you artists can’t even create cards and sell them. HA!

Maybe instead of buying stuff and giving The White Man our money. How about we create greeting cards for people at work or school. How about that? It doesn’t cost that much. All you have to do is have a computer, pencils, pens, color paper, etc…Not hard, right?? I might do that this year and take a picture of them. I think my check comes in before the 14th, I believe so. I can put postive quotes on the cards and mayne turn it into a business. Hummm? Just a little brainstorming. But, please stop making Valentines Day bigger than what it is. It is actually supposed to be about love. We give more gifts than love.

A week before valentines day come up, I bet MEME’s will start forming. Maybe we should give God our gifts and love this time. These are my thoughts, CARRY ON!! ❤😄 **Thoughts Of Taris**