**Thoughts Of Taris** #31…

**Thoughts Of Taris**

Goodafternoon everyone,

It is now February 1st. You know what this means, BLACK HISTORY MONTH!! Now, you don’t have to post things about Black History Month because others are doing it. Just because you didn’t post something, does not mean that you do not care. SOCIETY wants you to look at it like that. 

One thing, I do want us to do is take a moment and do some research. Research someone you admire. They do not have to be “AFRICAN AMERICAN” but, just someone you admire. Do you think who you admire was on facebook 24/7 saying how great they are? Probably not, right? 

They did not have that much technology as we do now. Do you think Martin Lurther King Jr, was posting parts of his speech on the internet? Do you think Maya Angelou posted her struggles on the internet? Do you think Malcom X, posted videos of his speeches on the internet? (Just to name a few)….Just because we are not posting about them does not mean we are not talking about them in REAL life. You all laugh at people for those reasons. Are you serious? Once again, FACEBOOK IS JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT. This just kills the real meaning behind social suicide.

Oh yeah , you all only celebrate those Amazing people for one Month and then you all are back to normal. How silly do you all look? You all are hypocrites. So here is my question. For the ones who are celebrating this month (so hardcore), why don’t you all post about it daily? Like, it all does not make since to me AT ALL. This goes the same for the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” people. How come you all are not posting about that today? That is what you all really need to be posting about. The killings that are happening in our culture. The cases that are not being solved at this moment because of RACE IGNORANCE. Yeah I said it, RACE IGNORANCE. At Harold Washington, they are really celebrating Black History Month and I love it. We talk about the events that are not happening and everything. I love people who really care and not just POST ABOUT IT!! You are not supposed to get recognition for this, they are. So, all of these likes and comments don’t mean anything. What have you done for our people? Ponder on that!!! SOCIAL SUICIDE!!!💁💁 You all really tickle me sometimes and don’t do your research at all. 

We are celebrating THEM, not YOU. Next time you post, how about you say “MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR THE ONES WHO ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING”..  One more thing, all these MEME’S NEED TO STOP. THANKYOU. Carry on with your Research. These are my thoughts. ! 

**Thoughts of Taris** #31…