**Thoughts Of Taris** #29….

**Thoughts Of Taris** #29

Goodmorning everyone, 


I wanted to talk about Math……Yeah, I know some of you are probably like “ehhh, I hate Math…” I hate math too. At this moment, I am trying so hard to concetrate on this Math assignment. It is due today at 11:59pm… This is an online class by the way. While trying to figure this out, I am getting frustrated. 

Don’t you wish they had Math Mentors for everyone? I know that would be awesome right. 

A mentor to guide us through the way of every math class. A mentor that loves Numbers. I do not see how others get through college with passing the higher Math classes. KUDOS to you all. I can’t even get through the first assignment. The first assignment is dealing with Problem Solving and Critical Thinking, Understand and use deductive reasoning and all that other crap. It might sound easy to some of you. To me, this is hard. 

We all have some area of subject that we struggle in. My weakness is Math. My strength is ENGLISH. This semester, I will most definitely find a great tutor especially, since this is an online class. With online classes, I do not think the teacher can help you as much. It is basically a, “Do it your self type thing”…

I can not wait till I FULLY get into my major. I will not have to deal with anymore Math. Recap, my major is Journalism. I will be mostly writing and speaking. I do not see why I need Math for my major. 

One other thing that I wanted to discuss is, Why is everyone majoring in Nursing or Criminal Justice? Everytime I ask someone, what are they majoring in? They mention those two majors above. I ask them “why?” and of course the answer is, ” that is where the money is”…I personally think that is not a good reason. I say that because, if you are going into nursing with no type of passion for it. I believe you wont really care to much for the patients that you have. With Criminal Justice, you wont really have care for anything, just for the money. 

Now, it is other majors that can pay you well. I guess other people forget and they follow what their friends do. I think most times we have hobbies. We let certain things get in the way of those hobbies. Hobbies can turn into money makers basically a “CAREER”.. We could be really good at something and push it to the side because of tough situations. We only think about “MONEY”.. We all love money. We all need money. We all chase money. Sometimes we just need to let the money chase us. By that meaning, let our hobbies bring us money in our pockets. So, think about your major at this moment. Why are you doing it? Do you love it? Would you continue doing it?

 Major in something you love. What you love will eventually bring you love back. Well, let me get back to this boring math assignment and focus. These are my thoughts. Carry on…!! ❤😘☕

**Thoughts Of Taris** #29…