**Thoughts Of Taris** #27..

**Thoughts Of Taris**#27….

Goodmorning everyone,

I am sure your morning is going great. Your morning should be filled with “I can be better than what I did yesterday.” If you see any mistakes like, me skipping a number in the title. I might do that one day. Please by all means, tell me. 

Well, today I wanted to talk about mothers and kids. It is nothing in a bad way but, just a couple of concerns. Here is one question to jump start it off. 

Why do young mothers and older mothers with kids, think they know more or think they are better than others without kids?

 You made the mistake and had a kid. You opened up your legs so, you basically made it hard for your self. Do not talk about people who has no kids at all. We can have it just as hard as you. 

You have money issues. We might have job issues because, they are giving most of the new positions to the people who have kids. I believe that is not fair. It should be equal. ” We need a job too”…”We are struggling too”… You can disagree but, no struggle is better than the other. Most people forget that. I will make this clear. I have nothing against mothers who have kids, or fathers who have kids. Its just, I have a problem with people who think their struggle is better than others. 

One day, I will have kids but, not right now. I am more so focusing on my goals, because that is what is important to me right now. Some people with kids just stop their whole entire life and I do not think that is okay. You see who we got in office now right. So, this means we basically can do anything we want especially, if we didn’t attend on doing it in the first place. If you wanted to be a lawyer and your kids are grown up, go back to school. Shit, we need better lawyers anyway. You lost your motive, that is all. Get up and gain it back. Let me make this clear, because someone thought I said I do not like kids. I love kids, they are adorable until that crying starts happening. I hate hate hate crybabies. I am one my self. 😂😂 But, don’t give up on your dreams. Please don’t. From what I see, I feel like kids will stop me or anybody from what we really want to do in life. I am 21, do you know how many young adults my age who have kids or about to have one right now? See, our generation is more focused on having relationships and building a family. Why settle down at a young age? You are going to be like one of the older adults saying ” I wish I never did that”. (No Offense)… I mean, do you really want to be like that?

Have fun and enjoy your 20’s. I promise you will not regret it. Again, I have nothing against parents with kids. Got it? These are thoughts… *Carry On…❤😌😉