**Thoughts Of Taris** 25

**Thoughts Of Taris** #25….

Goodafternoon everyone, 

I have a slight concern for homeless people. We see all of these homeless people on the train and on the streets. They are constantly begging and saying that they’re hungry. Most of the time, I want to believe them but, then I don’t. 

  • Here is my reason why…..

When I am on the train, I see these same homeless people buying cigarettes. It makes me not want to give them anything. Sometimes I feel like they spend their money on drugs instead of food. They spend at least two or five dollars rather than going to McDonalds and getting a hasbrown. I mean come on now!!! And now I am looking at a women while I am at Chick-Fila. She looked very cold. I saw her legs shaking and her nose was red. She had her scarf wrapped around her face. She barely had a coat. Her shoes were all messed up. It was sad that I just gave her some of my fries, a pink gift card, a card to a homeless shelter, my business card to get some motivation, bottle of water and some change. 

I could tell she was hungry by how she ate a granola bar so fast. I am like geesh. I felt her pain and so did this other lady who was sitting next to me. I realized that I was being greedy because I ate something already before I went into Chic-Fila. Even though their food is extremely good especially their chicken nuggets. 

I guess I had a heart for this lady because I am a lady myself. Who knows how old she was. She was probably about in her late 20’s…. Maybe 26 or so. She is on state and lake street sitting in front of Chic-Fila with a sign in her hand. If she is still there, you won’t miss her. Go help her out. She was very thankful and would say something like”Yayyyyy” after wards. 😉I feel very helpful today. Welp, these are my thoughts. Carry on..!! ✊❤