**Thoughts Of Taris** #24

**Thoughts Of Taris**#24

Hey guys, 

I know you probably thinking why am I blogging so early. It is 6:53Am… I am on my way to work that is why. Well, today I wanted talk about Associates Degree. 

In my previous post, I mentioned that I am graduating this semester. So, during this semester, I am going start my application to Columbia. Why wait till graduation comes? You get me? Columbia has been one of my dream schools since 7th grade. I feel like there is a spot waiting on me at Columbia. I always felt like that. I don’t care about the debt. Debt does not worry me at all. I am thinking about scholarships at this point. 

When I receive my Associates Degree, I want to get out of my job that I have now. I feel like I will have a better job especially, with the skills I have. 😄 I won’t quit my job until, I actually get a new job. I might try to be a receptionist and go to classes at night. I am not happy where I am at right now but, it is giving me money. I can live off of this job if I really wanted to but, I don’t. I am already into my major which is amazing. Do I miss High School? Hell No!! High School was a pain in my but. College is way much better. I might struggle every once in a while but, I end up getting the material soon. 

One subject I hate is Math. Math gives me the chills. Numbers just scare me and I somehow manage to be a great cashier. Is that weird? I am a English head. If you want me to edit something, I will do it automatically. You don’t have to worry about me messing up with that. 

I do have to fix up my resume. My resume only fits for “Retail Shit” which, irritates the crap out of me. *Excuse my language. I have a done a couple of things that fit my major. I wrote for the school newspaper at Prairie State. I have my own blog of course. I have videos of me performing. I have old essays. Hey what can I say, next Maya Angelou?? I want to get my PHD but, people keep saying I’ll end up teaching. I know I don’t have patience for that. Welp, we’ll see what happens. Maybe my blog might advance. These are my thoughts. Carry on peoples. ❤😄😚😘

**Thoughts Of Taris** #24….