**Thoughts Of Taris**#20

**Thoughts Of Taris** #20

Hey guys,

I guess I am back in good spirits. I know I will be down again soon. I take death very hard. I barely go to funerals.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about signs today. I want to particularly talk about zodiac signs. Mines in particular, I am a Gemini. I am sure you all seen Meme’s about Gemini’s. Usually they say, we are crazy. We are the devil. Sometimes it says we are bipolar or two faced. I personally believe that any one can be two faced. I personally believe anyone can have their bipolar moments.  It is not just Geminis.

Also, anyone can have their evil moments as well. Our signs does not necessarily determine who we are as a whole. Our signs might help us to figure out who we are. That is about it. I might have mood sings. That is just me personally. We were talking about zodiac signs at work. Great conversations. That is all my thoughts for today. Carry on!! ❤

**Thoughts of Taris** #20…..