**Thoughts Of Taris** #17

**Thoughts Of Taris**

Hey guys,

How was New Years? Did your plans go as planned? I am sure it did because mostly everyone had a hangover. Right? 😂😂

Well, I had a few thoughts going through my mind this morning. I wanted to blog more about careers. This topic has been on my heart lately. I have no clue why. You know how you have friends that you helped. You led them to the right person so that they can get better. You did that because you cared about them and they seemed serious about their career. Everything they told you about what they wanted to do, it is happening “NOW”. They told you everything back in 2014-2015. You think, was it because of you? Was this the assignment that God gave me? Do I have to turn it in now?

Sometimes I feel like that one friend just forgot about me. I see why people don’t like helping others in the music industry. They turn on you and forget about you as soon as they get famous. They forget that you helped them found their foundation on what they need to do. All you want to hear is a Thank-you just a couple of more times. Sometimes you want them to say Thank-you to show that they didn’t forget about you.

Also, if you two are in the same industry and they end up going higher than you. They could at least pay it back some day and help you get to where they are now. Sometimes I feel like they are to busy to even check up on me. They might check up on me every once in a while. Then the next day forget you exist. Maybe I am hurt by this.

Sometimes people forget where they come from. Sometimes people forget who was there in the “BEGINNING” process. They to busy focusing on who is helping them “NOW”… I remember this person telling me everything that they wanted to do within this music industry. “EVERYTHING!!”… I am scared to tell them how I feel because I don’t want to make it about me. But, I just feel hurt. I can barely get in touch with them. God knows how many messages they are getting a day. My message is probably left at the bottom of the list. When I call, they are busy, makes me not want to call them anymore. I might be wrong in this but, I stopped supporting them. I stopped commenting on their posts and everything. I am not sure if they noticed this.

I used to share everything. I was their biggest fan. I felt like my support didn’t count anymore. I still feel like this. I would start back sharing and commenting but, they probably won’t see mines till like the bottom of the post or something. Yeah, I am hurt. But, I am also proud of them at the same time. This industry will get you in your feelings sometimes. Well, my advice is. If someone helped you found your foundation, do not forget about them. Do not act like you have no type of time for them. Just please pay it back, NOT WITH MONEY. Just give them a thank-you every once in a while. These are my thoughts. Carry on!! ❤😍