*Thoughts Of Taris** #16

**Thoughts Of Taris** #16

Hey guys,

Do you ever wonder if you are going to make it?

You keep asking yourself that question and others if you are going to make it. By make it, I mean within your career. You keep going to school and passing all your classes. Scholarships come and that is great. You join all the clubs and on top of that you have a part time job. All this is great, fun and exciting.

What about your career ? Have you met others that will lead you towards your career? We keep trying and then eventually we make mistakes. Eventually those mistakes comes back around to bite us in the but. I know school can be a pain in the but. It is actually worth it. You learn something new everyday and you can have a different mindset on things. Some people say school is a waiste of time because you are mainly getting in debt.

We all will get in debt sometime in our life anyway. That is how I think about it. It is not only school but, we have bills to pay, car notes, tickets, etc….. You think about it. If you are not serious about school then I see why you would have that mindset but, you need to have a better prospective about it. It all depends on what school you attend as well. You also have to be disciplined with your money. I say that because when you want to go through school you have to finish through with it. Like, literally.

It is okay to take a year out. (ONE YEAR IS OKAY). I put that in capital letters because, the longer you stay out of school the more you don’t want to go back. Hey, its the truth. You forget more things that way as well.

2017 is here, yayyyyyyyyyy. I want you to think about why you stopped going to school. Did you know the longer you are in school, you really don’t have to pay anything back? Well, that was the saying I kept hearing all my life. Don’t you miss school? Don’t you miss writing papers, getting math homework, doing projects, etc…..? You meet friends and you might even meet your significant other. I know that is not what we are supposed to be going to school for. Hey, things happen right? When you are in school, you also find your self. By finding yourself, I mean finding the inner you. Who are you really? Everyone should go back to school and finish off those degrees. Excuse my language but, fuck those debts and think positive. Hey, straight A’s might pay off in the long run. Why are you working at a job that you don’t even like? I work somewhere that I don’t like and that is why I am going back to school to finish through with my career. I start on January 17th, when do you start? Don’t know right? Enroll please. You would be happy that you made this decision. I honestly think school IS NOT a waist of time. Hey, what do I know? SCHOOL ROCKS.!!!! These are my thoughts. Carry on. !! ❤😍😃

**Thoughts Of Taris** #16…