**Thoughts Of Taris** #15

**Thoughts Of Taris** #15

Hey guys,

I actually love my job. I have something to blog about almost everyday. Haha. 😂😊

So, I was asking some of the customers about their New Year Plans. It is funny how everyone said that they didn’t have any. Is everyone going into the New Year boring? I mean if you are buying drinks you might as well drink it up where ever you end up at New Years. Right?

Instead of waiting on someone to plan something, how about you plan something this year? We always wait and wait and wait until, we keep sitting our boring buts at home. You still have time. Text friends, family members, etc….. Then you will have options. Today is the 29th of December. You can still ask your coworkers as well. That is if you want too. I got invited to two parties, I still have time to debate if I want to go. Think about this…. Who do you want to go into the New Years with? No drama, right? That eliminates the people you want to count down with. Everything you do on this day should be positive and filled with lots of fun. Think about that….. Think about the people who drown your energy on the daily basis. Do you really want to spend New Years Eve with them? Next year, do not wait. Do it yourself!!! You make things better that way. Keep waiting and you will be around negative things. It should be a “Positive Vibes Only” type thing. 👇👇 You and I will learn one day.

I also think that we should of created our New Years Resolutions before hand. We should never wait until New Years Day. I say that because of the fact we never get them done. Each month of 2017, you should have something planned to help with your goals. Basically, mapping out what you want to and need to do. I will be honest I haven’t done this yet. I will do it though. I still have time. My vision board is already completed and ready to go. Now, I just have to map everything out as I go. I will be 22 this New Year. How old will you be? Do you have time to waist to be with negative energy ? These are my thoughts, carry on. !! 😍❤

**Thoughts Of Taris** #15