**Thoughts Of Taris** #14…

Hey guys…..

I am back with my thoughts. I hope some of these thoughts I am posting are not always negative. Well, anyway….

I wanted to talk about Make-Up. I am sure this post will attract plenty of females and males that might and might not agree. I started going back to wearing make-up. I used to wear plenty in high school and college. I am back it again. 👇👇👇👇 I am 21 by the way.

At my job, when I first started I never wore make-up. My other coworkers were shocked about this and asked if “I Had A Man In My Life”…Someone likes me at my job and I don’t want them. (AT ALL)….. My co-workers thought I was wearing Make-Up for him which didn’t make since because, I am not interested in him. I guess they were just rambling off at the mouth. When I started, my hair was berry Burgundy and my face was plain. 👇👇👇👇

Something that other females can’t do is “Both”….This generation thinks on a level that I can’t even understand. I kept saying that I do not need a man.  I wear make-up to make myself feel good. Plus, my mom brought me a make-up case which means that I will be wearing it everyday.

This is for myself. I am single because I realized I don’t need anybody. I might want one but, I surely do not need one. A man will always be there but, nothing lasts forever. I do not indulge it. I love myself and I am loving the young lady I am becoming. I am a Natural Beautiful Queen With No Weave And Living A Happy Single Life. I am not bitter nor insecure. I am trying new things for myself to see what I like. Some of you all should try it one day. Also, I died my hair red because I was trying a new color. I was getting tired of the other color that I had. Not because I wanted to impress someone. I am actually impressing myself because I am stepping outside my comfort zone. I realized others are afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone. My hair color is Spicy Red. 👇👇👇 Nothing I ever do is for a man.

I hope I made this post clear.

These are my thoughts carry on. ❤😍