**Thoughts Of Taris** #13

*Thoughts Of Taris* #13

It is Christmas Season. Time to reflect on the things that happened before Christmas. Will they better your future and help you in the long run? What type of mindset do you have for Christmas? Are you being the gringe right now? Think about how others look at you when you don’t respond back “Merry Christmas”…. What did they do wrong for you not to say nothing back? You are being mean to the wrong people. Someone you spoke back to could automatically make your day fall back into place. You have to be grateful of what you have right now. Stop looking at what others have.

Most people who are buying things can’t even afford them. They are just doing it so they won’t feel left out. You are not alone. I am pretty sure someone has thought about you this year. It could be a coworker rather than a family member you always expect something from. This Christmas, I need you all to behave when around your families. Spread love and positivity. Help your mom, dad, grandma, auntie, cousin out for a change. Create home made cards for your loved ones. That is if you can not buy gifts for your loved ones. Pay attention to your family expressions on their face. Do the dishes. Pick up trash from company that just left. Sometimes gifts don’t always make a person happy. The little things count. Make Christmas great again. These are my thoughts. Carry On!! ❤😃

**Thoughts Of Taris** #13