*Thoughts Of Taris* #11

*Thoughts Of Taris* #11

I love being annoying and cheerful. I love having plenty of energy. It makes people look at me as if I am crazy. I laugh at that. Some people hate that I am not miserable like them. I am my own person and follow my own energy. If I catch bad energy from you, I instantly stay away from them.

Being happy is a good thing. I hate hate hate negative energy. This is probably why I do not have many friends. People at work have bad energy. People around you have bad energy. Why does everyone like to have a bad day? Why can’t everyone bypass the bad things and have a good day?

Start saying you are having a day then your day will be good. ❤😃 These are my thoughts. Carry on. !!!

*Thoughts of Taris* #11