*Thoughts Of Taris* #10

Sometimes I don’t like asking people for things.I always feel that I can get it myself. Some people like to hold that stuff against you. That is one thing I hate. I wish people can give without expecting anything back. I just wish everything had a reverse psychology to it. I am always giving to others and I get hurt. Is giving supposed to feel hurt? I don’t really ask because, I like to treat myself everyday. Some people act like the world owes them everything. When really the world does not owe them nothing.

I keep buying and going broke for other people. This is where the trust issues comes in at. But, today showed me something different. I was in the self check out line at Walmart. Well, where I work at. I had to cancel a couple of items because I didn’t have enough money. My Co-Worker Tierra saw me canceling my items and she asked, Do I need a dollar or do I have enough? I was scared to say yes but, I said yeah and she gave me one. I truly appreciate that.

After all I did for others, it made me feel so grateful. It made me feel good. I say that because someone finally thought about me. I will remember this day and that is why I will give her something one day. Tierra if you ever see this, Thank you again. This has showed me that it is still good people out here. I can trust one person to lean on with just $1. It is more people out here like that, I believe. Hey, these are my thoughts. Carry on. 😃😻

**Thoughts Of Taris** #10…