*Thoughts Of Taris* #9 

~Thoughts Of Taris~ #9

I sometimes wonder. 😕 Why are other people jealous of others work habits? These are the type of people who are the lazy ones. They think that they can get credit off of standing around and looking cute. When really they are looking stupid. Others are thinking, why are they not doing their job? Someone hired you because they thought you were a good fit. Your actions are showing different. A pay check might be helping you for the time being. Your work ethics will get you to not having a paycheck for long. You can talk about others who you think are doing too much. When really they are doing their job.  That is fine but, you are setting your own self up for failure. You walk around the workplace like you the shizznizz, when really you not. The people that you talk about get more hours than you. Managers don’t even pay attention to that. Here is three types of people at the work place.

Type 1: Lazy.

As soon as the manager comes around, they act like they are doing something. Once they leave, they stop and do nothing. The work place starts looking like a mess until someone starts threatening them about their job. 😂😂

Type 2: Complainers.

They complain about the hours that they don’t buss their ass for. 👀

Type 3: Work bullies..

They talk about others who are above them because they are not average like them. 💩 (SHIT FACE)…
Jealousy appears all over you like Coo-laid stains on your tongue. Here is another thing. At the workplace, we always have the nosy people. I never understood that. People at work think they know you so well when really they don’t know you at all. They want to be all up in your business like, they have no business. Why is that? Is work like home? They be all up in your sex life, school life, and so on. Then work becomes like a porno. You find out who is messing with other co workers all day every day. Then you find out about the drama. You find out why everyone is into it. Bickering back and forth for no reason.

I thought we all were supposed to be working for pay checks. I thought we all were supposed to work to better ourselves. I guess some of us work and don’t have a clue of what we got our selves into. 😱 They just want money to blow it. Goodnight. !!

~Thoughts Of Taris~