Thoughts Of Taris #8

*Thoughts of Taris* #8

Hello everyone,

I know I have not been posting a lot on my blog lately. I have been posting a lot on my face-book page. I guess this is why I created a blog well, three blogs to stop posting my thoughts on their. For the bloggers on word-press, you all might know me from posting poetry. “God’s Poetic Child” does that ring a bell? I am actually going to post a poem on their later tonight or in the morning.

Here is something that has been on my mind.

Why don’t we ask questions? I feel that with out questions we never learn. We also become dumb founded. I have been posting random questions on face-book. I know no one has the answer but, it is good to hear other people thoughts that may lead you to an answer. Questions are good. Questions can lead you to having more knowledge than others. People who think they have all the facts. Don’t really have all the facts because they do not ask questions. They are known as “know it all’s”. Who will fall eventually in a whole of knowing nothing. This is why my major is journalism. I love asking questions. Stupid questions. Easy questions. Hard questions. Emotional questions. Angry questions. You name it. I ask them all. Sometimes I ask my own self questions of, why did I do such a thing? So here is my advice to you.

Do not think that others are smarter than you because they do not ask questions. If they always have a statement, something is wrong in that picture. They are actually beneath you if you were in a class room. They fail because of their ego. You just want to learn and teach more. Questions are once again a good thing. Do not care if your question was already asked. Get a better confirmation of the answer that you are going to receive. Learn more and you teach more. Its not always what you know. Its always what you learn. Be mindful of that. You are not dumb. ASK QUESTIONS. Some one else might want to know the answer to that question as well. Do not let pride hold you back.

Ask. Learn. Teach.


*Thoughts Of Taris* #8