~Thoughts Of Taris~ #6

Day #6 ~Thoughts of Taris~

Why so many people trying to break us up?

I think they are just miserable people who have no lives.

They are always in our business and trying to make situations worse.

Other human beings never want to see other human beings happy.

Some people could be jealous and want the other person.

It is crazy because the ones who does this has a significant other.

This is why I said miserable people.

Why can’t people just focus on their selves?

Why can’t people just focus on their stuff and not focus on other people stuff?

Nosy people won’t get any where.

Nosy people won’t do nothing but, be curious about every dang on thing.

Can I ask a serious question?

This generation has really gotten nosy……Why?????

The moral of this post is……

Mind your damn business and leave other people relationships alone.

Thank you and have a great day.