Thoughts Of Taris #1

Day #1 ~Thoughts Of Taris~

I learned about procrastination.

I learned that if you have something to do, you should just do it.

So, you wont have to complete it at the last minute.

Procrastination is the easiest habit you can catch in a day.

You can catch this at home, school or at work.

You find so many other things to do and boom,

there goes procrastination.

I was inspired by a friend of mine in speech class,

that you should not procrastinate.

She even mentioned that she procrastinated while preparing for her speech.

That doesn’t just happen with her.

That happens commonly.

If you feel like you are procrastinating right at this moment,

I need you to stop and think for a second.

Now, go and do what you were supposed to

do two hours ago.

During her speech,

she even said that you will feel good about it as soon as you complete it and I

definitely agree.

While I am blogging about my thoughts,

I should be doing my homework.


now I am procrastinating as we speak.

I just wanted you all to learn something while reading this.

I am now going to start on my homework and sign out…

~Thoughts Of Taris~ 🙂 


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