~Thoughts Of Taris~ #2

Day #2 ~Thoughts Of Taris~

Why is it that I worry about so much of what others think?
We should not have to worry about what other people think.
What they think of us is irrelevant but, I still do.
Is that part of what we do in life?
We eventually grow out of that stage and do not really care.
I’m not supposed to care but I still do.
We all are still learning and so am I.
So many people,
Have gotten upset with me and said …
“Why do you care about what they think?”
Here are the thoughts that come in my mind.
First impression is everything.
You never know what they can do to you and for you.
You know how we have to impress the manager at an interview.
I feel like it is the same thing but, different situations with our peers.

Day #2 ~Thought Of Taris~