**Thoughts Of Taris** #51…..

I feel like with everything going on this world. We need to respect our Woman. I will probably be making more posts about Woman and issues that we need to talk about. We have a few words that we use in this generation which are; “Bitch”, “Hoe”, “Thots”, etc…… One question that I have for some of you….

What is a hoe?

a hoe = a garden tool….. so, we have been using this word wrong throughout our high school years and so on.

The correct word that we should be using is Harlot…..The correct word that is used in the Bible.

a harlot= a prostitute or promiscuous woman.

I would not really be getting upset at the fact that someone called me a hoe. For one, they are using the word wrong. For two, they are just plain stupid and need someone to talk about. Just think about it that way. HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. One question I have for some of  you is………..

What is a bitch?

a bitch= a female dog…. so, someone is simply just calling you a dog. I would personally get mad at that because we are human beings and not animals.

I would not get upset at that either. I say that because you should know what you are. you should also know who you are.  What ever they say does not matter. Regardless of how much the other person tries to make sense. These are just names that people come up with to make their selves feel better. Some people also come up with slang words that are not even created in the dictionary. Slang words like……..

What is a thot?

a thot= a woman considered to be sexually provocative or promiscuous; a slut or whore

That is the same thing as a Harlot, it just makes it sounds worse. I believe it is stupid. Whoever came up with this word was probably bored out of their minds. It was probably a group of bullies who came up with it. Yeah, I can believe that. (Talking to myself here). These are the type of words I feel are disrespectful.. I feel they are disrespectful especially in a relationship. If  your partner does not want to be called any of these, then do not call them that. I would personally break up with someone if they by any means call me these words. I actually have broke up with someone because of that. I think that the word bitch is kind of offensive. Again, you are calling someone an animal. . If a Woman allows her man or her woman to call her  these words. She does not respect  her self at all. She can claim how she respects her self all the time. I personally believe that she does not.

A Woman should want to be called a Queen, a Princess, Beautiful, Smart, Ambitious, Sweet, etc,…. All the positive names that you can think of. A Woman should not want to be called anything negative. If they do then, they just don’t see anything higher within their self. These type of Woman are normally known as insecure. These type of Woman let anything bad happen to them with no problem. I believe that is not okay. I also think that it all depends on how us Woman were raised. I also think that it all depends on who we have in our circle of friends. Some friends can condone the type of behavior that come towards you. Some friends won’t condone that type of behavior that is happening to you. YOU just have to look out for the signs that are given to you. For example, if a man is constantly calling you out your name. He does not respect you at all. You should not allow that behavior in your household. I think that we should learn how to use these words properly and effectively. We should be cautious of the words that we use in our homes. Your children might feel that it is okay to use those type of words. That type of behavior is just not okay at all.


Some people like to call their woman “My bitch”. I think that is okay if you are in a hood type relationship, I guess. I hope I said that in a way that is not offensive. Even still, if your significant other does not want to be called that. You should probably replace that with “my girl” or “my queen”…….Call her something positive instead of something negative. She will then have a different perspective on life and you.

Well, these are my thoughts for today. My time at the library is sort of running out of time. lol.  You all should know how that goes. Welp, you all enjoy the beautiful day that we have outside. Be careful for the words that come towards you. Do not allow anything negative. Have a great day now. 🙂

Thoughts Of Taris #51



**Thoughts Of Taris** #50….

Wassup ladies and gents.

It is something that really irks my nerves. Something that irks my nerves about older man. So, I have a baby face and appearantly they do not care.

How many of you have baby faces? Image result for baby faces meme

I am sure it is plenty of us. I am scared what goes on in these older  man minds. Don’t get me wrong, I respect my elders, they just cross boundaries sometimes. When I am traveling to school or work, these man be all up in my face.


I be thinking in my head like,  what the hell you starring at? Can I get my face back? 

Some of these older man actually be trying to force us young ladies to talk to them. The only reason they do that is because they can’t get what they want. When they can’t get what they want, they force it!!!!! Either they not getting it at home or it is because our “PUSSY” is something new and clean. For all my readers, I keep my blog raw and tell the truth. That is basically how my thoughts are most of the time lol. Mainly sex is what be on these Man mind and that is horrible. It is like their “PENISIS”  control their life. When they say goodmorning to us, I guess that is their way of starting a conversation with us. HINT HINT…They use that line “you are very beautiful”….Now, don’t get me wrong their are some men who can give some of us ladies a compliment and keep it moving. Salute To You All…..!! 

I just wish they would keep their thoughts to a minimum. You feel me? 

Image result for thoughts meme

We have goals in our lives that we are trying to accomplish. Such as school, career jobs, a family, etc….. We should not be worried about someone trying to rape us. That is scarey. But, it is not always the man fault. Sometimes it is our fault. It is our fault because of the way that we dress. Sometimes we dress with our skin showing and we think that it is sexy. When really our clothes tells a man that we are an “eye candy”… I hope I described that right lol. Me personally, young or older man does not even hold my attention long. Woman catch my attention now. Even older woman lol,  sorry if this makes some of you feel  uncomfortable. Haha…..! When man talk to me, I  tend to get irritated and think in my head like “ehhhhhhhhhh” back up off me. “So they creep yeahh yeahhhh” in my TLC voice lmaoo.

Image result for creep meme

When I see other woman walking, I see Man looking at other woman buts. It is disgusting by the way they look at them. I just be wanting to say, keep your eyes to your selves…

Image result for eyes meme

I wonder if someone has the same thoughts as me. Maybe it is just me who has these thoughts lol. I be feeling so weird with my thoughts. Question:

Do you think Man are more creepy than Woman?

I know that is a weird question. I mean, it does not hurt to ask though right? It is worth the try.

Well, here is some advice for you man out there. I will put this in bold letters for you.


Image result for SCARED MEMES

Be careful out here young ladies. Welp, these are my thoughts. Carry on peeps. 🙂



**Thoughts Of Taris** #49….

Thoughts Of Taris #49….

I personally think it is okay to connect with people on a friendship level. I like people who are open minded and are on my level. It is so hard to find that in this world considering the fact that it is so much to do. I am ready to start my life now. 

What I mean by that is traveling, hanging out, a little bit of partying and etc…. People be so stubborn and want to live the average life. Which is go to work, school and then come home. The next day is the same all over again. School, work, home and it becomes repetitive. Doesn’t that sound boring? Where are those people that like to explore different things in life? Where are those people who like to try weird food? I feel like we get caught up in that busy life that we never go out and at least try to have fun. When we finally get invited some where, we cancel because of our tiredness. 

It just doesn’t make since. 

We have to bring that kid side out of us again. We all grew up way too fast and worry too much. I feel like at 21 we should not worry about the type of things that we worry about . We end up stressing over things that God probably already took care of. You feel me? 

Sometimes we just need to go with the flow of things. 

God hears you. 

What ever you are thinking, trust me someone else is thinking it too. I feel like my time is coming but, I got to wait patiently. I just be looking for people to just chill with and laugh with. I also feel like that others stick with others who are not on their level. They stay with those group of friends who are no good for them. It is sad to me. This generation actually has a mindset of

“Get Money And Fuck Friends”

……Nooooooooo, this is not how life is supposed to be. That statement is BITTER and just SAD…..I feel like our generation is getting swiped out because of that. Our mindsets are horrible. If you don’t look a certain way, you are just a nobody. It is all wrong. High school has some of us stagnant with this mindset. Then some of us claims this pity party of

“Ohhhhh, nobody fucks with me”……

It is because some of us look for the wrong things in people. I do not know what is wrong with us nowadays. I know the universe been hearing me. I am just tired of waiting and ready to live a fulfilled lifestyle. You get me? A life full of excitement and less worries. Sometimes it just irritates by the people have a certain perspective on things. Sometimes  they will think that you are “Thirsty” for things like this. No, it is just my mindset is mature enough to not stay in a stagnant place. You feel me? How do you feel about this? I am just ready to meet different people and socialize.When you speak to someone, they have this puzzled look on their face like; “Why is this mf talking to me?”…. It is just a weird world live in now. 

Tell me something deep. What are some things that individualsSay
when you try to engage conversation? Do you get thrown off by it? Speak your thoughts on this. Does it make you not want to talk to anyone? 

Thoughts Of Taris #49 


**Thoughts Of Taris** #48…..

Thoughts Of Taris #48….

Image result for A quote about patience..

I have officially been away from my blog for 5 days now and I am back it……

I have a question for you all.

Is it better being single all your life and focus on your money? Or is it better to keep focusing on you while dating? I personally feel like that you can still work on your self and date people at the same time. You do not have to be serious just yet, but keep your eyes open. In the midst, you can find a lover. That is why you have to patiently wait and do not rush anything. When you rush things, they end quicker. Remember that! Now, that we have touched base on that topic….. Today, I discovered something.

We all have problems. Some of our problems might be big or small, it all depends on how you deal with them. We can’t always depend on others to be “Captain Save A Hoe” with our problems. They just might be going through the same thing as you and scared to ask for help….. It is okay to ask for help…Closed mouths don’t get fed. You can ask for it maybe once or twice but, not constantly. That one thing that I am talking about is money. People ask for money constantly but, you can really tell when someone actually needs it. Once you give it to them, they will truly appreciate it and say thank-you a bunch of times.

Sometimes a card full of words will do the trick. Your words have to be thoughtful and make them smile. 🙂 If it makes their day, then you have done your job. We have assignments that we have to complete and you will most definitely know when you have completed it. Some people are very close minded. Well, I should not say close minded but, I should say ONE TRACK MINDED…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me give you an example on what I mean by that.

When it comes to our jobs, we are scared to date because of the drama that might come with it. Sometimes it all depends on how you both deal with things. If you both are mature enough to date and work than their should be no problem. You should just complete your shift and go home.

You should always keep your personal business to yourself. Do not tell other co-workers what is going on in your relationship. Especially your sex life because it can most definitely get around the entire store. Just make sure you let everyone know that you two are dating and keep it at that. So, I currently am crushing on someone at my job. When I say she is fine, she is most definitely fineeeeeeeeeeee. Every time I see her I just want to hug her but, that is TMI lol… We have been talking lately and she has my attention. Every time she texts me, I am smiling. So, their is a spark some where in the universe. (I just love the word universe). Hahaha. It was meant for us to connect. All it took was for me to say Good Morning and we exchanged numbers. Which was an awesome thing that happened.

She needed a favor and I helped her. I feel like if I needed something than she would help me out. You never know. I think things like that will grab someone’s attention. It shows loyalty. Here is one thing that I have noticed about her though. When she told me that I can put my number in her phone, she just automatically gave me the password. I was like “Waittttttttttt whattttttttt? That most definitely shows TRUST….. I can tell that she is trustworthy by the way she talks.

She is a little older but, not that much older. So, she knows more and that attracts me. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Well, if things get intimate I will let you all know my thoughts on it.

My advice for you all is to try new things and let the Universe do its job. You never know who you will be connected to. Trust me, I am most definitely learning. Talk to God or whom ever and watch what happens. Trust yourself. Speak it into existence and watch it manifest. Maybe I might do vlogs with the both of us if it gets that far. I always wanted to do that like; a Domo and Chrissy type of thing but, different. By the way, Domo and Chrissy are so cute. I just love them. Well, my day has been made and hopefully yours will too. I have to get to work now. Whoever you are talking to, please spark their day if they are going through something. Trust me, it works. I am still single though blahhh lol but, time will tell. Once that love sparks somewhere, vlogs will be coming if they are up for it or pictures. Yall have a great day now. (In my country voice)….

Thoughts Of Taris #48….




**Thoughts Of Taris** #47

**Thoughts of Taris** #47…

Goodmorning beautiful people. 

   Today, I wanted to talk about the city of Chicago and this can tie into other cities as well. I want to particularily touch on a subject which will be called “CTA HOMELESS SHELTER”….. 

   I will explain to you about that in a moment. I used to bounce from house to house so I kind of understand these people pain. I personally understand the bed bug situation. I understand not having something to eat. I understand what its like to just be in “Survival Mode”….. I never had to deal with sleeping on a train though and keeping my stuff on me all at once. Yes, I have a story but, this is not about me. 

   The City of Chicago spoils us with great transportation. We can get to any where as long as we know where we are going. The CTA takes us every where from Point A, Point B, Point C and Point D…. Their is no way you should need a ride from anyone unless, you are really struggling to get 4.50 to get you some where. Plenty of us ride the train to work, school, interviews, meetings and etc…. Most of us have to ride the train every day all day because we are always On The Go. Am I right or wrong? Inside the train stations, their are some good and bad things that we see. Some things are not even pleasent to look at nor smell either. This is coming from someone who lived in Chicago and the Suburbs. When I was in the suburbs, I always wanted to visit downtown and so I did. When you ride the train, you might hear singing while passing by different stops. Mainly near Jackson, State and you all should know the rest of them. Some people pay 10 dollars to get a permit to perform in the stations. Which to me is an excellent idea. 😁 You can make a lot of money that way if you have great talent. Don’t get me wrong I have seen AMAZING TALENT. It is mainly singers and dancers though. I wish I saw more rappers who have a meaning behind their music or more poets to….


Looks like they are singing right. 👆👆👆⬆⬆⬆

On the other hand, you might see homeless people. Sometimes they may be laying on the carts that we have to sit on. Sometimes they may even stink up the whole cart and we all have to move to another cart. I’ve done it before. This is a serious issue that we need to find a solution to. Do you agree with me? 

We can take all the pictures we can but, will that do anything? It won’t, it will just bring all the attention on them. 

The Mayor needs to do something about this before it gets worse. If he doesn’t, the CTA Train Stations will start turning into a shelter, because that is the only place that they feel is safe. In most cases, it is not always safe because their are some mean people on the train. Remember: HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. 

I saw some of these images on facebook and it inspired to write this blog post. I been getting plenty of inspiration lately. I feel like their should be more homeless shelters and resources for people who are constantly finding their way back on the train. 

Does CTA really clean the trains after each ride? I personally think not. Why do they have workers if the carts on the train are still dirty and have a smell to them? Just saying. 

I know these pictures can be a bit disturbing but, I see it in real life. Some of the homeless people we see are sometimes on crack or drunk as well. I seen it with my own two eyes. Someone was sniffing crack on the red line and it was late at night. You know what he told me? He told me to mind my business. But how can, I if you are doing this in public? I have a concern with that because kids ride the train by their selves and they have to see what I see. They have to see these things early in the morning before school. BUMMER!! I understand that every one story is different. Your story can be fixed if you start fixing up your self with the proper tools. I feel like it should not get this bad. We need someone to really care for our city and do something about this ASAP before it turns into something big. 

I know I am not the only one who sees this issue. I actually have to get on the train when I am done typing this. My thumb hurts from typing all of this lol. Well, I am off to school. Befofe I go, I want say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY. Make sure you treat self and save money as well. You might need it for a rainy day. Love you all. Okay, carry on about your day now. 


**Thoughts of Taris** #47….


**Thoughts Of Taris** #46…

**Thoughts Of Taris** #46

Hey all,

   So today, I wanted to talk about how some things are common  sense. Common Sense is not so common nowadays. As I sit back and observe something’s, I realize that we ask dumb questions that we can just simply answer our selves.

   Our answers could possibly be right in our face. I am not saying that I know more than anyone else but, with something’s I do. I wish people would think about the questions that they ask before they ask. SIMPLE RIGHT? Even though in school we were simply taught that “No Question Is A Dumb Question.” Our teachers said that because someone else might have the same exact question. FALSE….  

   For example, say if you are in the library and you are getting ready to print something. Someone is in front of you, he or she does not know how to press “DONE” on the screen. I had to show her the word “Done” was on the top right corner of the screen. The word was in big letters and was in the color red. I know she is not blind because she did everything else before her things  got printed. Here comes that main saying, “Reading Is Fundamental. “….. Rings a bell?

Image result for reading is fundamental

   If you just simply read what is right in front you, life would be so much easier. I was not going to post about this today but, I got inspired. I am in the library and this happened to me a couple seconds ago. When I am at my job, customers do this to me all the time. They simply can not read signs that are above the aisles. They ask “Where is your bread?” There is a section that is full of bread, I mean come on now, everyone knows that. I get frustrated with this and it kind of makes me feel like a NERD in a way. This is why people should read more books and eat more carrots. Carrots help improve our eye site.

Image result for Carrots

At  first, I stopped eating carrots because I went crazy with all the sugary stuff. I know you are probably like yeah I can most definitely relate to that. Sometimes it depends on what type of books you read as well. If you read books that have bigger words, more than likely your vocabulary will expand. I am trying to do that myself. I catch myself reading signs more often. On my library card it says. Read, Learn, Discover. Is that at least helpful?

Image result for Books

   Uhmmmm, maybe some people have brain farts. Or they simply are thinking about too many things at once. Some people just might need your help when they ask questions. Don’t get me wrong their is nothing wrong with asking questions. Questions are fun and you get all the facts. Even as a journalist you have to ask plenty of questions. I do believe that your questions can’t be vague. Am I Right? Your questions have to make the other person think. You have to ask the Who?, What, When, Where, Why, and How? The lady did use a How question which was again a question she could of answered her self. As I said before, my major is journalism and some things just irks my nerves. If you stay in school, you will realize some of the things that I am realizing.  Do not give them the stink eye when they ask the question. Be kind and do not be sarcastic. I deal with this all the time. I am currently a Sophomore in college. Yayyyyy me. Take a peek at what I learning.

What are some things that irks your nerves?

Welp, these are my thoughts. Carry on.

**Thoughts of Taris** 46….:)


**Thoughts Of Taris** #45..

**Thoughts Of Taris** #45….

Hey all, 

So, today I am going to talk about the number one issue which is the “Bestfriend Syndrom”….. We all have that one bestfriend who like to take over everything. Depending on if your bestfriend is a female or a male. They kind of take the role of being a father or mother figure, if you get what I mean. 

It is okay to have a bestfriend but, in some cases you got to let them go for a while. I don’t mean just drop them completely but, take a break. Bestfriends can sometimes form the definition of “clingy”… Bestfriends are attached to you like glue. They want to hang around twenty four seven. They want to talk on the phone about anything mainly gossiping. They want to know everything about you. That is perfectly fine but, I feel that is what you do in the beginning stages of that friendship. 

A best friend is cool to have when you have no one to talk to and things in that nature. But, this is where the problem comes in at. 

“The Best Friend/Relationship Syndrom”…..

When you get in a relationship, your bestfriend tends to get jealous. This is not the case all the time but, sometimes. They are getting jealous because you are getting more “play” than them. You might be enjoying your life with someone else other than them. Then they start to call you fake or phony. Here is that one line where they say “I need a new bestfriend, my old bestfriend is not acting like one”…. They want so much of your attention it is like they actually want to be with you. Get it???

A bestfriend wants to know how he or she is treating you. They want to know about you all’s sex life. Which I personally feel is private. What if you and your bestfriend get into it, and they tell everything. Get it??? They want to know what type of places you all go to for dates. They want to know every detail about that relationship. But, the person you are dating is kind of already like your bestfriend. Okay, you understand now right? 

When your bestfriend finally meets the person you are dating. Things get rocky because they question them like the FBI. 😂😂Mind you, I don’t have a bestfriend. I just sit back and observe certain things. So, if you have a bestfriend and they kind of act like this. You might want to keep watching the signs. When you are paying more attention to the person you are dating. Your so called “bestfriend” might end up turning on you. But, then again some of us really do have a good bestfriend who sticks around no matter if we are dating someone or not. 

I don’t have a bestfriend sadly. 😢😥 I know you all are probably like what really? Yeah it is true. I do not have a bestfriend because I do not trust others. I rather be alone than to be done wrong. 👌💁

Sometimes I do wish for a bestfriend but, I kind of like my me time and don’t have to deal with all the clinginess. 😂😂  I will be honest, I can get a little clingy to but, that is okay. 

If you have a bestfriend just make sure you both are on the same page. Make sure you make each other feel comfortable and give each other space like a true bestfriend would. Your bestfriend still loves you even if they do get into a relationship. With everything that comes with change, we have to learn to adapt to it in most cases. 

Alright Guys. 
That is all my thoughts for tonight.  

**Thoughts Of Taris** #45….